Richard Counts Lumineers Testimonial

Richard Counts describes his experience receiving his Lumineers from Made Ya Smile Dental.


Rich Counts:
Hi. I'm Rich Counts, a native Houstonian who has got to fulfill the dream, 14 years ago, flying for one of the major airlines and living the dream. I actually was a long-time patient of Dr. Holmes, who is a part of Made Ya Smile. Had the privilege and honor of teaching his daughter in fifth grade. And so, it's been a long history.

I've never had a real problem with my smile, but we always want to make better, especially being in a public relations type of industry. When I came to Made Ya Smile, they asked, very casually, if I'd be interested. Why not? Take a few photos and see what the before and after might look like. I was definitely sold. And so, as a result, I've always enjoyed smiling and one of my catch phrases is, "Made ya smile." And now I have more of a reason to do that with my Lumineers that I received here at Made Ya Smile Dentistry.

Well, the results were astonishing. Not only did I notice them, but friends, even strangers in the airport, and in my travels across the country. I even had a third-grader asking me, "How did you get your teeth so white?" Well, being a retired school teacher, I did have to fudge just a little bit and tell him, "I brush often." But truly, it's a beautiful job that Made Ya Smile did on my veneers, my Lumineers, that made this so great.

I've always liked to smile, like I said, and I've enjoyed it all the more now, with a beautiful smile that was provided for me through this great experience. Customers, friends, family, and like I said, even strangers, come up and say, "You've really got a dynamite smile," thanks to the folks at Made Ya Smile.

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