Dental Treatments to Remove Tooth Stains: A Guide

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 02/15/2019

Visit a cosmetic dentistry office in Houston, TX, such as Made Ya Smile, and let the professionals help you find a long-lasting solution.


Preventing Tooth Decay With Fluoride: An Insight

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 02/12/2019

Tooth decay is something that everyone should be concerned about. It’s more common than you might think, and is far more dangerous, too.


5 Food Options for Healthier Teeth

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 02/09/2019

Keeping your smile gorgeous often feels like something you need to sacrifice for.


A Brief Introduction to Sedation Dentistry Types

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 02/06/2019

If you are hesitant about a dental procedure, one option you have is called sleep dentistry.


Good Reasons to get Dental Implants for Front Teeth

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 02/04/2019

Get dental implants and regain your smile and your self-confidence. Keep reading to learn the benefits of dental implants from Made Ya Smile.


Causes and Consequences of Tooth Loss

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 02/01/2019

Tooth loss is something that many people dread.


Your Guide to Different Types of Dentures

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 01/24/2019

What dentures will work best for you depends upon a number of different factors.


Invisalign vs. Braces: What to Choose?

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 01/21/2019

Here are the chief advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as recommendations for finding the best method of achieving a straight, even smile.


Dental Hygiene for Children: Why it Matters

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 01/18/2019

If you’re a parent, you may not be too surprised to learn that tooth decay is the No. 1 health problem among preschoolers.


Same Day Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns: What's Different?

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 01/15/2019

You may be surprised at the quality and convenience provided by same-day crowns when compared to traditional crowns.


Things You Shouldn't Be Doing While Brushing Your Teeth

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 01/12/2019

Here are some things you shouldn’t be doing while brushing your teeth.


5 Ways a Prosthodontist Can Work for You

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 01/12/2019

If you have certain problems with the health or appearance of your teeth, you may be better served by a prosthodontist than a standard dentist.


Resolving for Cleaner Teeth in 2019

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 01/10/2019

For those of you aiming for cleaner teeth in 2019, check out the following tips to help you succeed.


The Advantages of Full Mouth Reconstruction

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 12/25/2018

A full mouth reconstruction is a comprehensive approach to your dental care.


Root Canal Therapy Aftercare: A Step-by-Step Guide

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 12/22/2018

While this is an effective process, it’s an intensive one, and will require a few steps of aftercare, or rest and recovery.


How Winter Affects Toothaches and Sensitivity

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 12/18/2018

Do hot and cold temperatures bother you? If either one gives you tooth problems, then it might be time to look into tooth sensitivity.


Preventing Plaque Buildup: A Resourceful Guide

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 12/15/2018

To keep your teeth in tip-top shape, there are a few things the best family dentistry in Houston, TX recommends doing.


Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 12/12/2018

It might help you to learn a bit about the benefits of sedation before you see your dentist.


Reducing the Risk of Dental Implant Infection: A Guide

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 12/08/2018

On top of selecting the right dental specialist to perform the procedure, it’s important to follow all precautions to reduce the risk of infection.


Secrets to Maintaining a Healthy Smile

Michael L. Kesner, D.D.S. | 11/12/2018

The real secret to maintaining a healthy smile is no secret at all.


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