Matt Thomas Testimonial from SportsTalk 790

Matt Thomas is a Radio Host for SportsTalk 790. He and his wife is a patient of Made Ya Smile. They both got the Zoom Whitening procedure and are very happy with their results. WATCH AND SEE!


Matt Thomas:
Hi, I'm Matt Thomas with SportsTalk 790. I host the Midday Show and I am a new satisfied patient of Made Ya Smile. I've been getting routine dental checkups and taking care of myself, brushing teeth and flossing everyday, but my teeth were still not as white as I wanted them to be and I want to thank the folks that Made Ya Smile. I went over about a month ago and had these Zoom whitening done. It took about two hours. It was painless. I actually took selfies of myself during the whole procedure and the results are fantastic. I do a lot of television work now behind my radio duties and I just wanted my teeth to look whiter and brighter and I want to think Made Ya Smile. If any of you are thinking about getting the Zoom whitening treatment or any of the teeth whitening possibilities at Made Ya Smile, I highly recommend it. My wife has done it too and it's made a difference in her life too. Thanks Made Ya Smile. My teeth are a lot whiter today. Thanks.

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