Made Ya Smile Dental: Won’t Hurt You or Your Wallet!

Looking for a quality dentist in Houston that you can afford? Discover Made Ya Smile Dental! We offer a full range of dental care services, including dental exams, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, Lumineers, dental implants, crowns and more. Our offices are located throughout Houston, including in: Katy, Rosenberg, the Woodlands, Friendswood and Eldridge Lakes. In addition to general dental care services, we offer sedation dentistry. Make visiting the dentist a pain-free experience: Schedule a consultation today at Made Ya Smile!


When some people think about a trip to the dentist, they think it might hurt. Others just fear it may hurt their wallet. At Made Ya Smile Dental we believe in real pain free dentistry. No pain in your teeth and no pain in your wallet. We'll make you smile with a free exam, x-rays and consultation.

You don't pay to find out what's wrong, you only pay to fix it. And with easy finance terms, you can come right in and quickly fix what's wrong to get back to the things that make you smile. Incredible smiles that don't hurt you or your wallet. Made Ya Smile Dental.

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