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Ready to have a bright and brilliant smile? Discover Lumineers! Lumineers are a safe and highly effective substitute for braces. Custom made to fit your teeth, they result in a natural-looking and stunning smile. Made Ya Smile Dental has 12 convenient locations in Houston, TX.


Dr. Kesner:
At Made Ya Smile Dental, we do a lot of lumineers. In fact, we do more than any other dental office in the nation, and we have for the last three years. I love lumineers because it's a way to change your smile. To make it bright and white and straight without having to get shots and grinding down your teeth.

You see, traditional veneers had to be made real thick to be strong. You have to take away tooth to accommodate for that thickness. With lumineers, we don't have to do that because they're so thin. They're guaranteed for 10 years, so they work really well. When you come in, ask us about them, and we'll show you what lumineers are all about.

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