Lumineer Testimonials #3

Patient Testimonials


Well, the issue of my teeth was back in 2009, I was in a really brutal car accident and had eight broken teeth. So my parents flew down to take me to physical therapy and everything. My mom being in the dental field automatically is, "Oh you got to get Lumineers. That's the only way we're going to fix this," because there was eight broken teeth there. My mom obviously kind of took the reigns there and recommended the specialist that she had worked with before. And so I felt... obviously it's my mom so she's not going to steer me in the wrong direction and due to the natures of all the injuries, I was going through a lot of pain. So the good thing about the Lumineers was it was completely a painless procedure to have done and I was obviously so happy with my results. And having pain everywhere else, it was great to have no pain and being able to eat and everything else.

Well, most people get this procedure done to like, they may not be happy with their teeth. For me it was essential because I didn't want to be on a yogurt and soy milk diet for most of my life. I do remember the first time I was able to have a steak. It was the best steak I've ever had because biting into that steak and knowing I'm confident that it was going to be all good, was awesome. I am Matt. I have eight Lumineers and I couldn't be happier.

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