Lumineer Testimonials #1

Patient Testimonials


Well, I was really young, I was in a bicycle accident with my sister and knocked all four of my front teeth out when I was five. I was without teeth for, you know, as a kid until probably fourth grade. When they came in, they came in really crooked because they didn't have any guidance. I was always embarrassed to smile and I didn't want to show anyone my teeth. Of course, I got braces. That was the thing to do and I wear braces for four years, head gear, you know, the whole thing. Super embarrassing. Then, when they came off I liked my teeth okay, but I was never totally satisfied with the way that they looked. Then, I went to my dentist a couple times complaining, thinking I could do braces again, but didn't want to go through that trauma. My dentist suggested that I should try Lumineers because he thought that he could give me the smile that I wanted.

The process was a lot simpler than I thought it would be. I only had to go to my dentist three times. I went in and took the impressions, and then he sent the impressions out, and then I also had a consultation with him to kind of explain what I wanted my smile to look like. Then, he fit me for them the next day. I felt great and it was really seamless. What I liked about the processes that my dentist told me that when my impressions go to Lumineers, that they stay in house through Lumineer. Everyone from the artist to the person who's specifically working on my teeth, they're right there. It's a real peace of mind to know that, with Lumineers, your case is very specific to you and they watch over it and make sure that you're happy and get the results that you want.

I love that my Lumineers blend in with my smile and my other teeth so they look so natural and they're feminine. I don't look like a man. I look like myself, but just the better version of myself. I can smile now. I don't have to think back and worry that, you know, someone might see my crooked teeth. It's now, I want a smile, I want to show it off, and you know, it's great when you can laugh and not cover your mouth. Lumineers has made a huge difference in my self confidence and my willingness to take pictures. It's been amazing. I'm Annie and I have four Lumineers, and I love it that people don't even know.

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