Lumineer Testimonial

Another happy patient!


When I was a young girl, while my teeth were forming... real young girl, I was given tetracycline. And so when my permanent adult teeth grew in, they were stained, badly stained, and I grew up all through high school with that. It really traumatized me because everybody had braces and perfectly straight white teeth, and I was sort of an outcast and needed to have something done about my teeth really badly. So I had bonding done for about 10 years and that helped somewhat, but the bonding is really just very opaque and not natural looking.

So I went to my dentist who is... my new dentist, who is also a cosmetic dentist, and he suggested getting Lumineers. I saw before and after pictures, and I was concerned because they look so natural, if they would be able to cover up the stains on my teeth. I went forward with it because I'd seen pictures of other people who had tetracycline stains similar to mine, and I was really impressed. So I went forward with it and got them, and they really changed my life.

I couldn't believe it the first time I looked in the mirror after getting them at the dentists. I thought, I don't need to wear lipstick ever again. And I just was smiling and smiling, and I didn't know what it was like to smile so much. It just, I felt so much happier and so uplifted. That was 10 years ago, and these Lumineers have lasted a long time. After I got the Lumineers, I felt that that trauma had been lifted from me, like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders. I love to smile. I'm a happy person, I always was, but this Lumineers really brought it out of me and gave me the self-confidence boost that I really needed in life.

People don't know that I have Lumineers. They just think I have naturally beautiful teeth. It's my smile, but much better. It looks like my teeth, same shape of my teeth, but just enhanced a million percent. I'm Sherilee, I have a full set of Lumineers, and if you're unhappy with your smile, you should get Lumineers too.

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