Dr. Delwyn Dick Testimonial

Another happy patient!


Dr. Delwyn Dick:
Hi, my name is Delwyn Dick and I practice in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. I've been here for a long time. I started working with a Quantum Leap three years ago. Just starting my fourth year with them. The biggest changes that they've made to my practice is number one, they've given me the tools that I've needed to become a good leader. They've given our office the tools to develop complete teamwork with my staff and as a result of that, our collections have more than doubled and we enjoy dentistry. It's been a fantastic ride and I'm forever grateful.

Signing up with Quantum Leap changed my life. It changed the life of my staff and has changed the lives of my patients. Our practice has grown tremendously and my patients are getting the treatment that they want and it's not overloading for them. The best thing is, is to see a staff that loves to come to work every day. They love getting their bonus checks every month, and they do. They get great bonus checks. For me personally, it's given me the ability to see what I'm capable of, what my team is capable of and reaching our goals every year is tremendously rewarding. So signing up with Quantum Leap has definitely changed my life and I would recommend that to anyone.

My staff has changed so much since signing up with Quantum Leap. They have become a complete team. I show up to work and I sit down and just work on patients. It's made my life easier, but most importantly it's made their jobs enjoyable. They have smiles on their face all day long. They work my tail off and there's a lot of laughter and at the end of the month, their paycheck is added each month with a fantastic bonus. How could you not like that? So I think the biggest changes is the staff has learned to become a complete team and they are enthusiastic and I'm honored to work with them.

What I didn't expect from Quantum Leap when I signed up with them, that I would still be signed up three years later. It was expensive, it was a complete commitment and I thought, "Oh, I'll sign up and do their thing and then I'll move forward." And you know what? They have been so amazing to work with. Anytime you call, you get a call back immediately. They want you to grow, they want you to have success. Mike has done a tremendous job with developing Quantum Leap for what it is and his staff is... I can't say enough. So one of the things that I'm completely surprised with is our growth. I didn't think we'd have this much growth and it's raised my expectations and my goals as well. So signing up with Quantum Leap has definitely met my expectations beyond what I've ever imagined and I continue to keep going with them.

Should you work with QL? The answer is absolutely yes. If you want to reach your goals and reach success. Mike Kesner has done so much work. He has experienced the ups and the downs like we all have. But he's also found the solutions to make dentistry an amazing career. Five years ago I was burnt out, hated dentistry. It was frustrating, didn't think I was getting compensated enough, wanted to raise my fees. Patients didn't want to pay the fees, and I could go on and on and on. Mike Kesner offers a program that allows you to really enjoy dentistry and it's an amazing career. So I would challenge you to challenge yourselves and sign up for Quantum Leap. You will not have any regrets and it'll be a the best thing that you've ever done. But the choice is yours.

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