Will a Custom Smile Makeover Adjust My Uneven Bite?

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A person's smile can be one of the first features passersby notice about them, and lovely smiles may also raise an individual's self-esteem. Similarly, a misshapen smile can also result in feelings of timidity and anger. When you’re frustrated with your look due to an uneven smile, a smile makeover at Made Ya Smile will address your oral wellness as well as create a beautiful smile. Proudly serving patients in Houston, TX, our staff consists of smile makeover artists who can help you acquire the results of your dreams.

What will a personalized smile makeover do?

Custom smile makeover treatments might cover:

  • Substituting a removed tooth
  • Fixing uneven teeth
  • Concealing fractured teeth
  • Minimizing the presence of gaps
  • Getting rid of discoloration
  • Fixing teeth size

Made Ya Smile performs a large variety of dental care solutions that will correct many of these concerns. Although, before conducting a smile makeover, your doctor will have to correct your poorly aligned bite or periodontal infection. An irregular bite may create oral health complications closely following completing your oral restoration or appliances. In order to address this dental concern, our team might recommend Invisalign® treatment or invisible braces.

Invisalign treatments consist of the use of unique, removable trays that help reduce your uneven teeth or regulate your bite. During this dental care, individuals swap the trays out as suggested by our team’s planned treatment plan. Each new tray will assure the bite starts to regulate properly. Made Ya Smile in Houston, TX is here to give suggestions on the best and decide a custom treatment plan.

Everything you need to know about a smile makeover

Your smile makeover makes modest but transformative improvements for a rejuvenated smile. Utilizing a range of dental solutions, your dentist will help you achieve a brand-new smile. Based on your treatment plan, you might benefit from dental treatments such as ceramic veneers, professional whitening, tooth bridges, a dental crown, dental bonding, or replacing metal fillings for tooth-colored fillings. When designing your customized treatment, your dentist will use cutting-edge digital technology to create an image of your enhanced smile.

What does a smile makeover involve?

As soon as your smile makeover has been planned out, our team will start to arrange your selected procedures. In certain situations, patients could need multiple office visits to receive a revitalized smile. In the event you have gum disease or a misaligned bite, an element involve treatments that tend to these issues before all else.

If you want Invisalign clear aligner treatments, tooth caps, porcelain veneers, or partial dentures, these treatments call for teeth molds. Our team will give the oral impressions to the lab so they can create them using your measurements. Typically, men and women require just a single appointment for professional teeth whitening or dental bonding. Prior to your procedure, your dentist will provide you with the treatment steps and go over sedation choices in case you have dental anxieties.

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We welcome you to call for a consultation at Made Ya Smile in Houston, TX. Our team has years of experience aiding men and women refresh their mouth. In the event you have a crooked bite, you very well may require Invisalign clear aligners to fix your problem. Please make a smile makeover at our Houston, TX office.

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