The Most Common Reasons For Having Red, Swollen Gums

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In most cases of patients with bleeding gums, it's often determined to be caused by plaque sitting too long at the gumline. Plaque harbors harmful bacteria that attack healthy tissue surrounding the teeth. When tartar accumulates, the gum tissues become inflamed and irritated. This could eventually cause them to bleed and result in a stage of gum disease called gingivitis. At Made Ya Smile, we can perform periodontal maintenance cleanings that efficiently treat the initial phase of gum disease. Our highly trained Houston, TX staff is here to take care of your dental health and answer all of your queries about gum disease and how to prevent it.

A lot of different issues can cause the development of bleeding gums. The top two causes of red, swollen gum tissues are gingivitis and periodontitis. Some deficiencies in vitamins have been connected to bleeding gums as well. Those who wear dentures could experience irritated gums if their dentures fit too tightly. If this is the case, it's important to see your dentist to have a suitable adjustment.

Moreover, gum disease may be related to certain other health conditions like diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. For this reason, it’s necessary to never ignore your bleeding gums. Periodontitis is linked to numerous detrimental health problems like the heightened risk of cardiac disease, stroke, and pregnancy complications.

Patients could be more susceptible to developing gum disease when various personal or environmental factors exist, including:

  • Drug use
  • Inconsistent dental hygiene
  • Hereditary factors
  • Age
  • Mental strain

Generally painless for individuals, gingivitis is a less-serious phase of periodontal disease. In this phase, bleeding gums might be your only side effect. Some other indications of gingivitis may include:

  • Unsecured teeth
  • Inflamed, bleeding, or painful gums
  • Halitosis
  • Changes in bite alignment

Gingivitis is quite simple to deal with and can be reversed with a in-depth cleaning of the gums and teeth at Made Ya Smile. However, when left not taken care of, gingivitis could turn into periodontitis and eventually result in missing teeth and other more serious complications.

When left in place, plaque accumulation can lead to the gums pulling away from the teeth and, in more serious situations, gum regression. As this gum erosion worsens, pockets may form around the teeth and gums. Harmful bacteria can become wedged inside these pockets, which attacks the gum tissues and jawbone that support the teeth. This circumstance could eventually lead to bone and tooth loss. Severe abscesses and drifting of the teeth can also happen.

When you observe signs of gum disease, you need to have your gums assessed by a dentist who is knowledgable in diagnosing and treating gum disease in Houston, TX. Managing periodontal disease could require multiple visits in order to avoid more costly solutions later on. At Made Ya Smile, we do deep gum cleanings, referred to as SRP, or scaling and root planing, for individuals with bleeding gum tissue and periodontal disease. Scaling and root planing treatments are offered to eradicate bacteria, food particles, and buildup development underneath the gumline. During a deep periodontal maintenance cleaning, our dentist will use a handheld tool to eliminate this buildup. From there, we smooth the tooth surface to get rid of any fissures where germs can hide and lead to an infection. This nonsurgical periodontal disease procedure might improve tender gums and prevent various other dental complications, such as tooth loss.

Made Ya Smile is pleased to offer the highest-recommended treatment approaches in order to resolve bleeding, swollen, and discolored gums. We set out to treat the initial phases of gum disease to help people of all ages avoid more serious stages that call for more costly procedures. Our professional staff can carry out a thorough dental exam to determine if you have periodontal disease and, if so, how severe it is. Once this is done, we will work to address your issues utilizing scaling and root planing treatments or periodontal cleanings. To book a consultation to address your bleeding gums, reach out to our office in Houston, TX today.

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