Things To Do If Your Dental Health Requires Urgent Treatment

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Patients may find themselves with last-minute demands that could place their health, teeth and gums, and overall comfort at risk. In the event that an oral emergency affects you or a loved one, it is crucial to discover the ways to efficiently address the problem and how to access the help you require. At Made Ya Smile, our team of professionals have given urgent oral treatment to numerous patients over the years and have the knowledge necessary in the event that the unplanned happens.

When you have an oral emergency, getting the relief and personalized attention you need is essential for your current dental and long-term health. Our knowledgeable dental professionals in Houston, TX realize how important it is to immediately treat dental pain or trauma. We are happy to give you this reliable information on the recommended methods to preserve your mouth when an accident occurs.

Particular dental issues can lead to minor inconveniences, such as tooth yellowing or plaque buildup; meanwhile, more serious circumstances can truly put your overall wellness in jeopardy. These concerns include:

  • Unexplained bleeding
  • Cracked teeth
  • Mouth injury
  • Worn or slack restorations
  • Missing dental appliance or filling
  • Avulsed or loose teeth
  • Oral pain or a toothache
  • Inflamed teeth

Oral emergencies may result from instances like biting into crunchy foods, bodily impacts when being active, or from trauma. Emergency dental health needs that result from these incidents might disrupt your happiness and health. However, visiting a qualified urgent care dental practitioner who works to address your dental emergencies might be all the difference when it comes to your rehabilitation and long-lasting oral wellness. Some of the urgent occurrences that necessitate prompt attention include:

  • Dislodged or wiggling teeth: Dislodged or partially knocked-out teeth can lead to a high-risk scenario during which time is crucial. Just a small length of time exists (usually less than an hour) for our talented dentistry professionals to place the tooth back into the gums or facilitate an ideal replacement outcome. As soon as this trauma occurs, we advise you to call our Houston, TX facility right away so that our team can offer you the ideal ways to care for the tooth before you come in.
  • Oral injuries because of falls: If you receive a traumatic oral or facial wound, it is commonly advised that you go to the ER or get with a general practitioner first to make certain your overall health is not in jeopardy. After this is initially addressed, our team at Made Ya Smile can care for your dental problem. These types of injuries might include cracked teeth or appliances and deterioration to the gums or jawbone.
  • Tooth pain: A typical issue that mandates urgent treatment among Houston, TX patients is dental pain. This oral issue can form from a wide range of sources, including severe decay, an inflamed tooth, vulnerable tooth root surfaces due to periodontal recession, and even an uneven bite, among a host of other issues. Oral pain could range from moderate to nearly unbearable and needs to never be disregarded.

When an emergency dental problem gets in the way of the health of your mouth, we urge you to get help as soon as possible. Even mild discomfort can lead to serious problems with your smile if necessary care from a skilled emergency dental professional is not received. To obtain urgent care and discomfort relief in the wake of an oral emergency, get in touch with Made Ya Smile. Our Houston, TX practitioners can assist you via the phone regarding how to manage chipped teeth, avulsed fillings, or various other oral problems until you arrive at our facility.

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