What Type of Meals Can I Consume After a Dental Extraction?

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Tooth extraction can be recommended when you are experiencing severe dental pain. Whether your teeth are crowded or an ingrown tooth is threatening your oral wellness, you may need to extract the tooth to safeguard the rest. Our team at Made Ya Smile in Houston, TX can help you through the tooth removal process.

A question we get frequently surrounding a dental removal is about the different food options patients may have after the procedure. The food you are allowed to consume will be based on how much time has passed since the treatment. The reason for restricting your diet is because the extraction socket has to clot to prevent bleeding, which stops the socket from being infected. The blood clot that has filled in the socket requires careful attention to keep your recovery quick.

The first day

Individuals are able to have beverages and smooth foods during the first day after the treatment. Make sure your meals are low in acidity and heat so you don’t aggravate the clot site. Avoid using any straws, because the suctioning could loosen the clot and result in an issue referred to as dry socket. Patients may place a cold compress on the outside skin near the mouth, but don't place it right on the extraction tissues inside of the mouth.

The first week

You can move on to more varied foods as the recovery progresses. Even still, you should still opt for soft and mild temperature foods if it's possible. Mashed fruits and veggies, oatmeal, and pancakes are several of the healing-friendly foods to eat right about now. Chew your food on the opposite end of the mouth, not near the extraction location, to minimize the odds of affecting the clot.

What can I expect after the first week?

It will likely be better for you to move on to some hard foods approximately seven days after the dental removal. You may consume foods that are a bit more acidic and higher temperature at this point. Make sure you’re being gentle when eating and that you eat on the other end of the mouth.

Things you must avoid following a tooth extraction

The skilled staff at Made Ya Smile instructs patients to not eat particular foods throughout the first week after the procedure. Stop eating food that is high temperature or crunchy enough to hurt the removal location. You should also cease alcohol drinking while being prescribed meds since this might negatively affect how well the medication works. You will likely be completely healed from the procedure in roughly 2 – 3 weeks. After this, you may resume your typical diet.

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