Find Out The Ideal Treatment Options For A Cracked Tooth

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Many dental problems such as tooth pain, cracked enamel, or a knocked-out tooth demand prompt care from a highly skilled dental professional. While the outside layer that shields your teeth is typically hard, it could still break. Our dentists in Houston, TX give comprehensive dental attention when you require it. At Made Ya Smile, our staff works to efficiently fix a chipped tooth to eliminate any discomfort you’re having.

Often, individuals might not even realize that one of their teeth has been chipped or cracked after a trauma. A damaged tooth may or may not have oral pain accompanied with it. Still, whether pain comes with the damaged tooth or not, it needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. At Made Ya Smile, we offer full dental evaluations to gauge the scope of the damage from your injured tooth. After we determine the degree of the injury, we will produce an individualized treatment plan that will improve your smile fast and effectively.

Once you see that you've injured a tooth, you are strongly encouraged to reach out to a skilled dentist in Houston, TX right away. Usually, you don't require rapid treatment if you aren't experiencing major discomfort. But if you do feel severe pain, emergency attention should be given to treat the oral problem. Keeping a broken tooth untreated could lead to continued pain, an abscess, or the need for more extensive and expensive services, such as a root canal.

Selecting the most effective treatment for every patient is our staff's most important priority. At Made Ya Smile, our dentists treat your specific dental issues. Based on the severity of the break, we could suggest crowns, dental bonding, or an endodontic treatment. If a substantial section of the tooth chips off or has severe damage, we might even remove part of the enamel and protect it with a dental crown. A crown is created to be positioned over the whole tooth, depending on your teeth alignment. This makes it a strong alternative.

To address tiny chips, bonding and contouring can be performed. It is a simple procedure that doesn’t need local anesthesia. The identical composite resin used for oral fillings is utilized during the bonding approach. Our professional will start by distributing an adhesive substance, followed by the special resin. After we shape the resin to craft a pleasing look, our team will use a special light to reinforce the material. We will then polish the tooth for a nice finish.

If a chip or crack is big enough to reveal the pulp of a tooth, a root canal may be recommended. Root canal therapy is carried out at our Houston, TX facility by taking out the infected pulp and carefully cleansing the canals of the tooth. The remaining tooth is typically sealed with a permanent restoration.

Our professional staff at Made Ya Smile is ready to offer urgent dental care treatments when you need it. Our clients in Houston, TX realize that we are fully equipped to soothe any oral pain, whatever the cause. Even if it’s a damaged tooth or a more serious complication, we will work to help enhance your smile using several restorative dental care solutions that are ideal for your dental wellness.

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