What Kinds of Dental Concerns Can a Missing Crown Lead To?

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In the instance that your dental crown falls out, you will need to be aware of the steps to take in order to protect the tooth. Crowns can come off due to cavities, an injury, or the act of tooth grinding. Even though a crown popping off can be alarming, our professionals at Made Ya Smile can help. Our team will examine your tooth to find out the correct course of action to improve your smile at our Houston, TX facility. We will also assess the tooth to figure out why it came out, enabling our team to select the best course of action to avoid harmful bacteria from accessing the tooth's inner cavity. It is important that you take care of the tooth underneath the crown promptly before it becomes more challenging to resolve.

Actions to take when your dental crown becomes loose

As soon as a crown has popped off, adhere to these measures to efficiently safeguard your tooth:

  1. Take the crown out of your mouth: Be careful not to swallow it. As soon as you take out the crown, place it inside of a sanitized cloth to bring to our practice.
  2. Call an emergency care dental practitioner: Get in touch with Made Ya Smile to set up a last-minute or emergency dentist appointment to repair your dental crown.
  3. Utilize temporary filling material: A temporary filling works to protect the tooth before your exam and ensure that no food gets lodged into the fractured tooth.
  4. Make sure it stays clean: Great oral care is always vital, but it's particularly important when you have a dental crown that has come off. Clean your mouth using warm salt water after eating to get rid of any leftover food debris.
  5. Watch what you eat: If you’re suffering from dental sensitivity or pain, make an effort to chew food on the opposing side of the mouth.

The ways that dental crowns work

Dental crown restorations are caps that are positioned directly over an existing tooth. Dental crowns are provided to restore a tooth with an extreme cavity or to defend the leftover portion of the enamel from further damage. They also help keep your bite straight. Before readying the tooth for a dental crown, individuals will receive a numbing injection to remain at ease during the treatment. The instant the patient has lost feeling in the area, we address the tooth by eliminating all decay. If needed, the tooth may be altered to match the size of neighboring teeth.

How many years can crowns last?

Patients must know that dental crowns won't last forever. Steer clear of clenching or grinding your teeth because the pressure could damage a restoration. A medical-grade night guard can help protect your crown and your native teeth. In addition, it's recommended that you don’t bite down on solid objects or foods, such as ice, pens, or certain types of candy. With great oral hygiene, yearly oral exams, and professional cleanings, crowns can last up to 15 – 20 years.

Find out more about dental crown care in Houston, TX

At Made Ya Smile, our staff will look at your tooth to decide the proper dental crown repair plan. Depending on how much of it is damaged, we might be able to address it using resin; but in some instances, your crown might need to be reshaped. In more serious circumstances, a whole new crown might be needed. Contact our Houston, TX office today to book an emergency appointment to have your crown fixed.

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