How Fluoride Elevates The Health of Your Teeth

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Known to exist in a number foods and beverages, fluoride is a mineral that has great dental benefits. It reinforces the enamel's framework and the teeth are protected from cavities. Fluoride also helps patients with baby teeth or damaged teeth and may repair small cavities that have just been established. Made Ya Smile offers oral fluoride services for our Houston, TX clients to strengthen their oral wellness, regardless of their age.

Generally, fluoride is most beneficial for small children between 6 months to 16 years. This timeframe is when many of the primary, or permanent, teeth grow in. Even so, older patients may reap the benefits of these treatments too. At our office in Houston, TX, we know that these treatments are as essential in reinforcing developing teeth as they are in fighting tooth decay.


The numerous features of fluoride that have a good impact on the teeth include:

  • Slowing down the absence of minerals in the enamel
  • Decreasing instances of and addressing early tooth decay
  • Halting dangerous plaque
  • Rebuilding weakened enamel

Fluoride is usually present in water and in miniscule amounts in different foods. Even if your teeth are constantly introduced to fluoride in the meals and beverages you consume, it's hard to get a substantial quantity of fluoride from just meals alone.


Putting fluoride on the teeth can be done using two techniques: external or systemic. External application helps people of several ages; meanwhile, internal, or systemic, distribution is more suitable for younger patients because their permanent teeth are developing beneath the gumline. At Made Ya Smile, oral fluorosis applications are conducted twice-yearly following an in-depth cleaning and exam. The cleaned teeth are dried, and the fluoride is administered and left on the teeth for no more than four minutes for every application. To ensure that the substance completely penetrates the teeth, you will be urged not to eat, drink, or smoke cigarettes for 30 minutes following your oral fluoride appointment.

Fluoride is also present in drinking water. As soon as it's swallowed, the fluoride journeys along your body and the teeth strengthen. Kids who ingest water comprising little to no fluoride might need a prescription to ensure their teeth develop strong.


All patients need a specific quantity of fluoride depending on their risk of developing tooth decay. As you keep up with an at-home dental health routine and steer clear of sugary and acidic meals and drinks, your odds of developing tooth decay might be lowered. As it pertains to young ones, in the case that a large amount of fluoride is absorbed, teeth could be permanently grooved or have mismatched colors. This problem is known as enamel fluorosis and can result in tiny milky stripes or areas on the teeth. Even though it’s not inevitably damaging, it can lead to a necessity for aesthetic dental solutions later on.

Teens and grown-ups who consume a large quantity of fluoride might be more prone to pain or bone fractures, often referred to as skeletal fluorosis. This can potentially result in sensitivity and deterioration to certain bones and junctures. If you’re anxious about your fluoride intake, contact our experienced team in Houston, TX.


Made Ya Smile provides oral fluorosis treatments for individuals of all ages. Our trained dental professionals may conduct a detailed dental evaluation to figure out whether or not fluoride treatments are a necessity for you. In the end, the benefits of fluoride are wonderful since it improves your enamel along with decreasing your odds of getting tooth decay. To discover more regarding fluoride treatments, or to arrange an appointment at our Houston, TX facility, contact our professional staff as soon as you can.

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