Situations That Can Trigger Tooth Pain

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Tooth pain is typically known as a common problem, so it's not shocking that most adults, teens, and children have suffered from a toothache at some point throughout their lives. The pain resulting from toothaches varies and can be an indication of a bigger problem. Learning what the main cause of a toothache is should be trusted to our dental care providers at Made Ya Smile. At our Houston, TX office, we possess the techniques necessary to look after patients, diagnose oral issues, and figure out the most efficient method to take care of dental pain. In the event that the pain lasts for 48 hours or longer, consider scheduling an appointment at our facility at your earliest convenience.

While cavities are generally considered the underlying instigator of oral pain, there are some other factors that can lead to this issue too, like dental tenderness, a chipped tooth, sinus inflammation, or an abscess. A few toothaches can be caused due to teeth bleaching. Usually, this kind of toothache is short-lived and caused by the irritation of tooth nerve tissues by the active element contained in whitening solutions. Broken teeth could also result in tremendous discomfort, as well as a range of other oral concerns.

At Made Ya Smile, we provide emergency dental treatments to lessen your discomfort and successfully address your tooth pain. A handful of unconnected disorders, such as sinusitis, can sometimes lead to an increase of pressure in the nasal passages, leading to temporary oral pain. An abscess, which usually emerges due to tooth decay, may also lead to extreme oral discomfort. Root canal therapy or a tooth extraction might be required to settle this oral issue and enhance your dental wellness.

A handful of the usual signs of a toothache include continual or occasional dental aches, fever, headaches, swelling around the gum tissues, and foul-tasting drainage from the tooth. It’s essential to stop by Made Ya Smile at your earliest convenience to address a toothache that's persisted for many days and has lead to ear pain, fever, or aching when moving the mouth.

Conducting a thorough exam and asking about your medical history are the first steps to identify the toothache's main cause and how to potentially fix it. Our team will examine your oral cavity, gumline, teeth, bone tissues, neck, and tongue. Taking an x-ray allows us to examine the inside of the teeth to look for any possible deterioration that could be resulting in your pain. A handful of efficient treatments we offer at our Houston, TX office to fix tooth pain include tooth-colored fillings, extractions, or root canal therapy.

In most cases, the most effective way to avoid toothaches is to stick to a regular home-based dental hygiene regimen. Regular toothbrushing and flossing may lessen the buildup of tartar, which is considered the primary reason for tooth decay. Yearly evaluations and biannual dental cleanings will help to ensure that oral concerns are taken care of sooner rather than later. This allows the dental care providers at our Houston, TX facility to detect potential disorders before they turn into a painful toothache. A healthy eating program has also been proven to prevent the accumulation of decay. Meals that are full of calcium may keep the tooth surfaces in top shape, which makes it less likely for bacteria to permeate.

In the event that you’re dealing with any uncommon dental pain, such as a toothache, it’s necessary to seek out our dental care experts at Made Ya Smile as promptly as you can. We can help fix your toothache with comprehensive dental care procedures. When you receive preventive solutions, you decrease your chances of ending up with oral issues for the long term. We urge you to call us today to arrange your consultation at our Houston, TX facility.

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