What Are the Benefits of Flossing Every Day?

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Regular dental flossing does not just help your gums and teeth stay in good shape; it also affects your total wellness. At Made Ya Smile in Houston, TX, our professional staff guides our patients regarding the proper approaches to clean their smile between dental cleanings. Studies show that gum disease can heighten one’s odds of other health problems, including heart conditions, infections, and stroke. This makes it important to practice an effective dental health routine of flossing and brushing on your own.

Advantages of flossing once a day

Although gum disease isn’t necessarily the primary explanation behind the death of cells and tissues in the pulp chamber, unhealthy gums can heighten the risk of tooth loss or the need for root canal therapy. Brushing your teeth two times a day is ideal; however, brushing itself does not protect you from developing periodontitis or gingivitis. By not flossing, this permits both plaque and tartar to increase, which results in gum inflammation, the initial phase of periodontal disease. Flossing once daily helps maintain excellent gum health and also helps prevent bleeding along with inflammation in the gum tissue.

When is the right time to floss your teeth?

It's always a good time for flossing your teeth. Find a time that is appropriate for your routine so that you never forget to floss, even during a busy day. Most individuals like to floss first thing in the morning or right before bed.

The correct way to floss

  1. We advise using regular floss or a plastic oral pick. If you utilize floss, take roughly 18 inches and grasp the dental floss with almost all of it wound around the middle fingers.

  2. Slip the floss or a floss pick between the teeth. Guide it up and down, gently touching the borders of every tooth.

  3. Curve the floss at the base of the tooth being flossed to create a C shape. This process allows you to reach the area in between both the gums and the tooth which eliminates the most food particles and plaque.

  4. Keep doing this process until you have flossed each tooth.

The ways flossing is linked to periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is quite widespread in the United States. This gumline infection condition occurs if bacteria in plaque sit in the mouth. This may result in the loss of teeth in addition to recession of the gums. The germs remaining on your teeth may end up in your bloodstream, which can produce more severe medical issues, like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and autoimmune joint problems.

This makes it necessary to keep up a regular home dental health practice that includes daily flossing. Once-yearly oral assessments in Houston, TX and routine dental cleanings are also necessary as they can show dental concerns in the beginning stages as well as properly clean away plaque and bacteria from your gumline and teeth. Even though regularly flossing your teeth scrapes off plaque that can cause periodontal problems, flossing by itself cannot halt gingivitis from developing.

Learn about the prolonged advantages of flossing

At Made Ya Smile in Houston, TX, our professional staff provides comprehensive dental exams and routine oral cleanings. But we recommend that patients maintain their dental health at home for optimal dental health. Flossing removes bacteria, plaque, and food bits from between your teeth and reduces the risk of getting periodontal problems in addition to getting cavities. To schedule a cleaning and examination with one of our professional general dentists, call our office today.

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