Ways to Protect Against Oral Injury

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In adults and children, exercise-related traumas are frequent. Dentists estimate about 30 percent of dental injuries occur while playing sports activities. Nearly 80 percent of these injuries develop into a minimum of one or both front teeth being damaged or dislocated, along with injury to soft tissue. Even so, participants who play with a mouth guard decrease their prospect for tooth dislocations, tooth chips, and gum and palate nicks. It simultaneously guards against concussions and jaw splintering by attenuating the energy from a hit to the face.

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Sports safety and preserving your smile

Organized athletic activities with the highest number of dental damages include hockey, football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, baseball, and softball. Skating, biking, and skateboarding are additional physically involved with elevated probability of causing dental trauma. Regrettably, per the ADA (American Dental Association), 84 percent of young athletes do not wear a mouth guard during a contact activity. It is typically not a required piece of safety gear alongside shoulder guards, chin pads, helmets, etc. It is important to use required precautions to protect your skin, muscles, and bones, and using a mouth guard could help prevent dental problems and reduce the risk of tooth loss while you are playing a impact athletic activity. Some other recreational security bits of advice include:

  • Wear a full set of obligatory safety equipment
  • Put on head protection
  • Use a secure face shield to secure against cranial damage, especially when playing lacrosse, hockey, or football
  • Play with a mouth guard, even if it is discretionary

Athletics protection: multiple options for mouth guards

Unfortunately, a mouth guard is not frequently given as protective paraphernalia when playing a contact physical activity. Even so, the most regular causes of oral trauma take place when participants have not equipped mouth protection. Our faculty at Made Ya Smile desires to teach Houston, TX competitors about wearing a mouth guard and shielding their oral health. We recommend three essential types of mouth guards:

  • Stock mouth guards are ready to wear immediately but often aren't as comfortable. They are purchasable at all stores where you can purchase athletic equipment.
  • Thermoplastic mouth guards can be obtained at any athletic store and are bought in a pre-molded configuration to be fitted by softening in hot water.
  • Individually made mouth guards can be created with a consultation at Made Ya Smile. They create the optimal alignment and defense.

When you have a dental emergency

In the event that a fully developed tooth is knocked out, the best first line of defense is to reattach it. However, in the event that a baby tooth dislocated, don't try to reinsert it; instead, schedule an appointment with your oral care provider quickly. Even if a tooth is damaged, it commonly can be protected by arriving at the dentist soon for immediate oral care and implementing these instructions:

  • Pick up the tooth as quickly as possible
  • If dirty, wash with water
  • Pick up the tooth by the crown, not the roots
  • Set it back into the socket (exclusively if an adult tooth)
  • Gently clamp between your teeth a padded item or towel to keep it still
  • In the event that a removed tooth cannot be secured into the socket, place it in a glass of milk while pursuing emergency dental care

Oral emergencies do occur – but wearing a mouth guard when playing impact sports or playing certain outside team activities outstandingly decreases your probability of oral damage. Even when our facility is not open, ensure that you attempt to follow the directions provided on our office voice recording, which will tell you what to do next if you need urgent dental care. If you are seeking primary dental care in Houston, TX, connect with Made Ya Smile or book an appointment.

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