Ways To Minimize Dental Discomfort If You Experience Tender Teeth

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Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity, a toothache, and all other kinds of dental discomfort may range from minor to unbearable and might even be unpleasant enough to impact someone's enjoyment of life. However, if dental discomfort is impacting your oral wellness at any level, there are effective options that will elevate your overall wellness. The following information goes over the most frequent sensitive teeth and toothaching causes, and reviews how our staff at Made Ya Smile can set out to decrease the dental concerns of Houston, TX patients.

As the gumline shrinks away, the root of the tooth that was previously guarded by the gums ends up vulnerable. The roots of the teeth possess little canals known as tubules that travel straight to the nerve center of a tooth. If stimuli, such as hot or cool meals and beverages or even the feeling of an electric brush, makes contact with uncovered tooth roots, your brain often reads it as dental pain.

Developing sensitivity to different temperatures is very common for Houston, TX adults and children and may be caused by numerous sources, including:

  • Crooked or crowded teeth
  • Mouth piercings
  • Teeth clenching
  • Periodontal disease
  • Bite misalignment
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Tobacco products
  • Hereditary factors and how old you are

Our staff at Made Ya Smile will perform procedures for hyper-sensitive teeth according to the extent of the circumstance, the source of gum recession, and the severity of your pain. Gum grafting might be offered to rebuild the gumline and cover vulnerable root. Other issues can be taken care of with oral restorations to shield the uncovered regions, including composite resin fillings or full-coverage crowns.

While sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures can come about due to exposed tooth roots, aches and other forms of oral discomfort can develop from many issues.

  • Oral discomfort: Tooth discomfort or toothaches can present as dull, twinging or sharp, stabbing feelings. Oral pain causes can include dental complications, like cavities, decay, inflammation, cracked teeth, or jaw unevenness. Likewise, impacted third molars might cause dental pain as they try to erupt from the gum tissues and jawbone. Whatever your condition, our team will be ready to help Houston, TX patients subdue the signs of dental pain and enjoy a carefree smile again.
  • Periodontal sensitivity: The most commonly occurring reason for tenderness in the gums is irritation as a result of gum disease. However, the gums could also feel sensitive because of hormonal issues, such as those during pregnancy, or because of a periodontal abscess. A gum infection may result from periodontal disease or merely a situation as regular as getting a popcorn kernel stuck in-between the teeth.
  • Jawbone discomfort: Jawbone pain could develop due to several situations. A handful of the most frequent ones include teeth grinding, impacted teeth, bumps in the bone tissue, or bone abscesses associated with contaminated teeth. If jaw discomfort is negatively influencing your oral health and ease, the professionals at Made Ya Smile will examine your jaw, take 3D images, and evaluate your concerns to work out the underlying cause.
  • TMJ discomfort: TMJ pain is a commonly occurring problem that a wide range of adults go through and might be caused by problems within the joint or in the neighboring muscles and soft tissues. Complications concerning the TMJ may be due to bruxism, uneven enamel surfaces, OSA (obstructive sleep apnea), anxiety, and a number of other complications.

    Sensitive teeth, aches, and other oral problems are symptoms that should be examined by a qualified dental professional. Several circumstances of dental pain could be small and reasonably easy to treat, while however, others may experience more extreme issues that must have quick treatment. Despite the origin of your aching teeth, our skilled team of experienced dental practitioners aims to help. Contact Made Ya Smile right away to set up a consultation when you feel any type of oral pain. Our Houston, TX dental care providers can review ways to minimize your pain and elevate your dental wellness and ease as soon as possible.

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