Ways to Know You Require Emergency Oral Treatment

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Receiving oral care is crucial, specifically in the event of emergencies. You’ll require immediate dental care should you have any oral concerns that are too detrimental to delay. To answer any questions you may have, the team at Made Ya Smile wants to offer some information as to what oral complications need to be treated immediately.

Read on to find out a number of indicators that you need to call a qualified dentist for prompt oral treatment. The following are indications that you should get treatment right away before the problem can become worse.

You have a loose tooth

It's possible to observe a loose tooth even when your teeth are fully mature. A tooth that's loose can have a number of causes, such as:

  • Internal bleeding in the local area
  • Dental trauma
  • A localized infection
  • Possible damage to the nerves or jaw

Your toothache is not going away

At times, a toothache will persist for several hours, although sometimes the ache won’t disappear at all. A toothache has many possible causes, like nerve damage. The tooth pain could also be caused by specific teeth being affected, especially your third molars. Our experts at Made Ya Smile in Houston, TX can address your toothache right away.

You have bleeding gums

In some situations, the gumline might bleed because of plaque, infections, as well as other problems. This can pose a threat to the wellness of your smile. An experienced dental provider will be able to uncover what is causing the concern.

A silver filling is leaking or has become broken

A dental restoration can help shield your existing teeth, but it may not always remain in place for a long period. A silver dental restoration will need to be replaced after about a decade or two. It provides security, but it may break or loosen after a number of years. You’ll detect a distinct metal flavor in your mouth when this happens. Be sure to contact a dental provider as soon as possible to avoid any added harm to your teeth and gums.

You experience an abscessed tooth

A tooth abscess is a tiny pocket of pus that results from a bacterial infection. The problem might develop as the result of a cavity or another severe impact in the area. The infection can develop deep in the tooth root. It may create irritation that persists until the abscess is drained out.

A number of key symptoms can mean that you are experiencing an oral abscess:

  • Intense pain in the tooth
  • Halitosis
  • Having a fever
  • Pain or discomfort while eating
  • Swelling in the jaw area, face, or cheek
  • The abscess should be removed and cleansed immediately if possible. The impacted tooth may also have to be pulled, but that may not always be necessary for every patient. It's vital to treat the concern as soon as you can to avoid potential tooth decay.

    We can address dental emergencies

    It can be upsetting to have an urgent dental issue, but the staff at Made Ya Smile can provide assistance. Get in touch with our practice in Houston, TX for assistance with treating any dental emergencies you could encounter.

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