Types of Teeth Whitening Methods

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Today’s world may be more technological than ever before, but first impressions still leave a lasting impression. Therefore, your first face-to-face meeting needs to be even more memorable. A bright, white smile is a great start to a rewarding conversation.

Whether you are interviewing for a new job, wooing a potential client, or meeting a blind date, your smile matters. White teeth are a sign that you take good care of yourself. It indicates you care about the little things. Your first impression says you’re willing to care for yourself, therefore, you’ll be an attention-to-detail employee, salesman, or spouse.

Whitening your teeth is a process and there are many choices for care. The right solution for you depends on your level of staining, your daily eating and drinking habits, and whether you prefer a home remedy or an in-office treatment. Consult a general dental office in Houston, TX., and you’ll leave knowing all your options.

Least Intense

Over-the-counter treatments are manufactured by a variety of different companies; the least invasive of which being teeth-whitening toothpaste. Teeth whitening toothpastes contain a number of hydroxide properties at low levels. Brushing with this agent twice a day can help if you have mild staining, but you must be willing to wait a number of weeks to see results.

Moderately Intense

If, after an exam at affordable family dentistry in Houston, TX, you’re told your teeth have more than average staining, you may need to add a whitening gel or strips to your daily regimen. These have a significantly stronger hydroxide solution. Which you choose depends on the amount of time you have daily.

Whitening strips must be applied twice daily to achieve maximum effectiveness. The application is quick and easy, but you must remember to change applications.

Whitening gel is sold in a tube with a small brush. You apply the gel directly to your teeth. This process takes more time, but once completed, will last up to four months before re-application is necessary.

Most Intense

If brushing twice a day and using over-the-counter teeth whitening gel isn’t working for you, it’s time to visit cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening in Houston, TX., Only professional dentists have access to the strongest teeth whitening agents. Applied in office, your dentist is also able to protect your teeth enamel and sensitive gums.

Over time, your teeth change color for a variety of reasons. Habits like smoking, coffee, and tea drinking are commonly known. But, did you know that your teeth will yellow simply because your aging? Maintaining your teeth color is a proactive health measure that may ensure you keep your own teeth for life.

Call a Houston, TX., cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening office to decide what option is right for you. And then, enjoy a bright, white smile every day.

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