Top 4 Don'ts For Denture Care

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Denture technology has come a long way, making dentures more functional and easier to use than ever before. That doesn’t mean that proper steps don’t need to be taken to ensure that they are cared for properly, however. By maintaining a proper denture care routine, you can avoid expensive damage to your dentures as well as avoid costly repairs. A few small steps each day to keep your dentures clean and cared for, plus avoiding the common mistakes that cause damage, will help you avoid the majority of problems. Read on to learn more about denture care, things to avoid, and other tips from the experts in cosmetic dentistry in Houston, TX.

Don’t Use Toothpaste

Although it might seem like a quick and easy way to clean your dentures, avoid using toothpaste on your dentures. It is too abrasive, which can cause damage to your dentures over time. Instead, use a cleaner designed to be used on dentures while you use toothpaste to brush your remaining teeth, tongue, gums, and mouth. Make sure you use a soft-bristled brush when cleaning your dentures, as the hard-bristled varieties can wear down your dentures.

Don’t Use Denture Cleaner in Your Mouth

On the flip side, don’t try to use denture cleaner in your mouth. They can be dangerous if swallowed. Instead, soak or clean your dentures only after removing them. Water or denture solution can be excellent for soaking your dentures, since they keep them from drying out or losing their shape.

Don’t Warp Your Dentures

While dentures are designed to withstand a lot of things, high temperatures can cause your dentures to warp. Don’t soak them in hot water, leave them in the car where things can heat up, or otherwise expose them to high temperatures.

Don’t Bend or Break

In addition to melting or warping your dentures, avoid dropping them on hard surfaces, bending the plastic or clasps, and trying to perform repairs on your own. Dentures can bend, break, or crack if mishandled, so it is important to follow your dentist’s exact guidelines when using and caring for your dentures.

A Few Dos

To make sure your dentures stay in the best possible shape, do handle them carefully, rinse them from food and particles after you eat, dry them off before putting them back in your mouth, and schedule regular dental checkups so a professional can check and make sure everything is as it is supposed to be.

Questions or Problems

If you still find yourself with questions or problems with your dentures, reach out to the experts at Made Ya Smile. They can help you with your dentures, other dental problems, and cosmetic dentistry in Houston, TX.



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