Things to Try When You Notice Bleeding from the Gums

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If you've seen a tiny bit of blood near your gums after brushing your teeth, you could think it is common and leave it alone. Factors like improper brushing, pregnancy, trauma, and tender gums may cause bleeding from the gums. It might also be an indication of gum disease. To discover the cause of your periodontal bleeding and figure out the appropriate procedure, call our dental practitioners at Made Ya Smile. In the event that you have bleeding and puffy gums, get in touch with our Houston, TX facility as soon as you can to set up a gum evaluation with one of our skilled dentists.

Techniques to take care of bleeding from the gums

Bleeding when you brush and floss your teeth could be a symptom of an underlying condition. Discolored, uncomfortable, and puffy gums might be early warning signs of periodontal disease, resulting from incomplete plaque elimination or inconsistent oral hygiene. Finding the cause of bleeding gums with a dental professional is vital when determining which procedure is essential. Meanwhile, here are a number of great techniques to care for bleeding gums from our knowledgeable staff at Made Ya Smile.

  • Raise your consumption of vitamin K and vitamin C: Vitamin C is a potent mineral that bolsters connective tissue and safeguards your gumline, while vitamin K is an important mineral that enables your blood to congeal. When you are missing either one, you could eat some types of fruits and vegetables with these powerful antioxidants or take supplements.
  • Have great dental hygiene: If you don't brush your teeth well, tartar can accumulate on the gum tissues. If buildup is not removed, it eventually could cause bleeding gums, periodontal disease, or decay.
  • Quit smoking: Smoking cigarettes both raises your chances for cardiac disease, stroke, and tumors and has also been connected to periodontal disease. Using tobacco products may impact your body's defense system, which makes it tougher to defend against bacteria and cause periodontal disease.
  • Eat fewer carb-dense foods and sugary treats: Research has shown that reducing your carbohydrate intake could additionally minimize your risk for gingivitis and boost your oral health. Sugary treats and carbohydrates lead to the growth of microbes and buildup in the mouth.
  • Use warm salted water or hydrogen peroxide: If bleeding gums are caused by a trauma to the mouth, cleansing using lukewarm salt water can eliminate harmful bacteria to reduce your chances for developing an oral infection. People might also try rinsing with hydrogen peroxide, but it's critical to not swallow.

Contact our team when you need to see a dental professional or specialist in Houston, TX

People need to go to a professional if their bleeding doesn't improve after a couple of weeks of using these great tips. Patients might need an oral assessment and biannual cleaning to get rid of plaque to let their gums heal. At Made Ya Smile, we offer thorough teeth cleanings, gum therapies, and SRP (scaling and root planing) for patients suffering from bleeding gums or periodontal disease. For more, call our professionals or arrange a gum evaluation at our Houston, TX facility.

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