The Relationship Between Aging and Dental Health

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Did you know that your teeth may age as you age, but with a few simple oral hygiene habits, you can steadily improve your oral health and even strengthen your teeth so that they can continue to serve you well for the rest of your life? The first step is to make sure you always keep your mouth clean and clear of bacteria and harmful residue.

The best way to keep your mouth clean is to brush twice daily and floss at least once per day. Make sure you are using a brush with soft bristles and floss that does not tear easily. At least twice per year, visit your dentist for a professional cleaning. You can also try using supplemental products such as mouthwash and sugarless gum after eating, as an added layer of protection.

With age, your habits become more dangerous. Foods that may have been easier to eat when you were younger, such as candy apples, will eventually become more difficult to bite into and can even cause oral accidents such as chipped or cracked teeth. Be sure to also remove any bad habits from your lifestyle, including smoking and doing drugs.

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