The Importance of Routine Dental Care for the Whole Family

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With our friendly and detail-attentive care, Made Ya Smile Dental has become the premier practice for family dentistry in the greater Houston area. We’re proud to offer a complete range of treatments for patients of all ages and needs. And while it’s understandable that even routine appointments can cause anxiety for some, we strive to dispel that notion because regular dental care is essential for overall, long-lasting wellness.

A bright and healthy smile is an invaluable gift you can give yourself or a loved one, and you can enjoy that gift for many years to come by contacting us to schedule your next appointment in Houston, TX.

The importance of routine dental care for the entire family

The cornerstone of general dentistry, a dental exam evaluates every facet of your dental structure and health. For younger patients, this allows us to track their progress and check whether everything is progressing optimally.

In case we do detect some potential issue, preventive care is likelier to yield better outcomes. Developmental complications may turn serious if left alone, so pre-emptive action is generally more effective. And through timely intervention, we could avert a more painful, time-draining, and inconvenient problem in the future.

We also look for evidence of decay and cavities. The thin film of bacteria that causes that decay is invisible and imperceptible—at least until it’s already caused harm. This film, or plaque, is much easier to remove before it hardens and becomes a calcified substance known as tartar. Tartar can cause gum recession, severe infections, tooth loss, and even damage to the jawbone. But we can halt its advance through a professional cleaning.

We can also employ additional strategies to reduce oral bacteria’s ability to infect and multiply. Quickly and painlessly, the application of fluoride or dental sealants can significantly strengthen one’s teeth or coat their surfaces with a bacteria-and-food-particle-repelling substance, respectively.

Your best choice for general and preventive family dentistry

Through digital x-rays and 3D imaging, we can safely and effectively create an incredibly detailed image of the mouth. Then our dentists can zoom in on every point of interest and detect all the otherwise invisible happenings.

These state-of-the-art imaging technologies reveal any conditions that typically can’t be seen, including decay and bone loss. Having a high-fidelity blueprint of the various dental tissues also allows us to formulate an optimal treatment plan based on your specific needs and lifestyle factors. We can also thoroughly screen for the sign of diseases like oral cancer.

Our team is also thrilled to help if you struggle with specific issues, such as teeth grinding or clenching (bruxism) or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems that cause pain and other difficulties, like an improper bite. And, of course, we provide tooth extractions and emergency care to compassionately treat aches and injuries.

Discover how Made Ya Smile Dental can make you smile!

We utilize the most advanced dental technology available so we can offer you and your family top-notch care and attention. As such, we’re excited to become your full-service family dental practice, a one-stop medical “shop” for all your needs in Houston, TX.

For a beautiful and healthy smile, get in touch with our Made Ya Smile Dental team and set up a routine appointment for you or your loved ones in the greater Houston area!

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