The Difference Between Cosmetic Dentists and General Dentists

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Tooth pain may seem like the most common reason to visit your dentist, but what about having a beautiful smile? It’s easy to assume that any dentist should be able to provide adequate results, but just like any other medical practice, there are specialists who excel in certain fields. When it comes down to the difference between cosmetic and general dentistry in Houston, TX, both can treat pain, but cosmetic dentists go the extra mile when it comes to appearance.

General and Cosmetic Dentistry Explained

For the most part, a dentist’s main job is treating pain and unhealthy teeth. For common procedures, such as teeth cleanings, root canals, or any other tooth repair, a general dentist should provide you with satisfactory results. Your local general dentists will most likely offer other cosmetic services too, such as teeth whitening, or even dental implants. However, keep in mind that a general dentist does not specialize in cosmetic procedures, and while the results may be good enough, they won’t be the best money can buy. To become a cosmetic dentist, you must go through additional courses and programs, usually referred to as advanced dental studies. Of course, additional education is no match for experience, and if you want the best results, dentists who identify as cosmetic specialists, preferably who have been in the practice for a while are your best bet. Before agreeing to any procedures, make sure to ask your dentist for testimonials, verification of cosmetic courses and most importantly, photographs of previous work. Going to the dentist is not the same as getting a haircut, so you want to make sure that the job is done right the first time.

Cosmetic Dentist Specialties

There are many different cosmetic procedures that you could undergo to fix, or even improve your smile. Just like any other field, a dentist who spends most of their time performing certain procedures will usually provide better results. For example: while many of you are familiar with simple teeth whitening, you could take it a step further and go for porcelain veneers, or even professional teeth bleaching, which is how you can achieve a pearly white smile. To get results you are happy with, look into dentists whose education and experience revolves around those particular procedures. Another reason you may want to choose cosmetic is the advanced sedation techniques, which revolve around pain prevention and keeping the patient relaxed. General anesthesia can numb the pain, but anyone who has anxiety during any medical procedures will need something stronger. Look into general sedation dentistry in Houston, TX, for more.

Specialists Provide the Best Results

When looking for cosmetic dentists, make sure to include the specific procedure in your search. This is the best way to guarantee that you are happy with your smile. Some dentists may offer you a cheaper deal, but the result could be a cheap looking smile. Most dentists in the field focus on health, not appearance, which is the main difference between cosmetic and general dentistry in Houston, TX.

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