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At Made Ya Smile Dental, we’re excited to be your family’s one-stop shop for all oral health needs. We provide full-service practices in the Greater Houston area and utilize the most advanced technology available. On top of decades of collective experience, our expert team is devoted to supplying a wide range of diagnostic and preventive (and everything in between) care for your entire family!

And since now’s a wonderful time to schedule back-to-school dental exams, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today and schedule an appointment in Houston, TX!

Schedule your family’s back-to-school dental exams today

Our full-range general dentistry services utilize an array of state-of-the-art technology and techniques to check your family’s dental status. Clinical examinations allow us to tease out any developing problems because timely intervention is generally more effective. It’s also easier, requiring less time, money, and discomfort to correct.

One of the ways we can get the jump on dental decay and similar complications is through digital x-rays. They’re safer than traditional x-rays and provide unprecedented detail. Along with other potential methods, including 3D imaging, we’ll be able to make a high-fidelity map of the mouth, to assess every tissue and physical structure down to the tiniest detail.

Find out why we’ve become a premier practice for family dentistry

Cutting-edge imaging is just one of the options in our employ. We utilize a variety of our expertise and experience with every dental exam to cover all your bases. Dental exams are of the utmost importance in preserving your oral health, solving issues in a prompt and efficient manner, and preventing future complications. The various dental tissues and structures of children exhibit much greater plasticity and may constantly be changing. A back-to-school dental exam lets us check on your loved ones’ dental progress. As such, any developing complications will be more straightforward to treat during this age.

It’s not just for children, as we’re happy to treat the entire family. One vital aspect for every age group is screening for various diseases or complications. In addition, regularly checking in on your family’s (or your) dental development is among the best ways to maintain overall well-being, as problems manifesting in the mouth may lead to farther-reaching, systemic conditions. Finally, a dental exam may give you peace of mind. Knowing the true magnitude of an issue is essential, both for long-term outcomes and for present mental peace.

In addition to oral health, routine visits and professional cleanings can significantly improve your child’s dental aesthetics, offering them a spectacularly stunning smile. Fluoride applications and dental sealants are fantastic treatments that can maintain and extend oral health well into the future!

Act today for a brighter dental future!

Bringing your loved ones in for a back-to-school dental exam doesn’t just have short-term benefits—it can extend well into the future. The earlier that children begin following proper hygiene habits, the greater the odds are that they’ll continue these behaviors into adulthood.

And you can easily set your children up for a lifetime of dental health by scheduling an appointment at Made Ya Smile Dental in the Greater Houston area! All you have to do is contact us today!

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