Scaling and Root Planing Can Treat Chronic Gum Disease

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At Made Ya Smile Dental, our dental specialists offer scaling and root planing for our patients in Pearland, Texas who are battling chronic gum disease. Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is highly treatable and often reversible when it is in the early stages. At this stage, a non-surgical deep cleaning treatment called scaling and root planing can turn gum disease around for you.

With the help of scaling and root planing, your gums can fight off gum disease to avoid the more destructive stages that arise if it advances. During your scaling and root planing procedure, your dentist will remove bacterial plaque and tartar (which is actually hardened plaque) below the gums. After that, the tooth roots will be cleaned, and the bacteria on them smoothed (or planed) away. This will help prevent loss of supportive bone material and tooth loss.

The scaling and root planing procedure can be broken up into several treatments if needed, to clean one section at a time. Also, if you are nervous, we offer sedation options to make sure you are as comfortable as possible during the therapy.

Along with implementing strong daily oral care, scaling and root planing will keep your gums the support they need to thrive. To find out more about our scaling and root planing therapy and how they can restore your gum health, we invite you to call our team today! We have 12 locations that can serve you.

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