Same Day Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns: What's Different?

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You can receive some services at a cosmetic dental office in Houston, TX. Perhaps one of the most convenient and helpful is getting a new crown. No crown will last forever, but a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth might trigger an emergency. No one wants to wait a month for more for a new crown, but are same-day crowns worth the expense? You may be surprised at the quality and convenience provided by same-day crowns when compared to traditional crowns.


A dental crown is sometimes called a “cap.” A crown is a cap that fits over the entirety of your tooth. It encases your tooth all the way to the gum line. This prevents any food from working its way under the crown. Your dentist may recommend a crown if you have a weak tooth. Typically, it would be because of a crack, chip, or other damage to the existing tooth. In other instances, a dental crown can help to keep a dental bridge in place, or it may be used to improve the appearance of the tooth.

Sometimes, a crown is needed because of an emergency. If you chip a tooth while eating, you may need a dental crown as soon as possible to prevent further damage — otherwise, a crown aids in correcting chronic, long-term harm to your tooth. Teeth are sometimes worn down from many years of grinding. As the tooth thins, it needs additional support. A crown helps to strengthen and preserve the tooth.

Same-Day Crowns

Most crowns are made from either porcelain or gold. A same-day crown is made from porcelain. The dentist uses a 3D camera to take pictures of the tooth. For most patients, the process is more comfortable than taking dental impressions. After your teeth have been measured and photographed, computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) are used to create the crown. Thanks to the 3D camera, the crown should be custom-fitted and quite comfortable. Since same-day crowns are created in-house, there’s a minimal waiting period. The crown is created, while you’re sitting in the waiting room.


Traditional crowns take much longer. Instead of a matter of hours, they take a number of weeks. Not all dentists have the training, software, and equipment needed to offer same-day crowns. It’s estimated that only around 10 percent of dental offices in the USA are equipped to produce same-day crowns. Most dentists have to wait on the crown to be created and shipped to the office. It should be noted that traditional crowns are still of exceptional quality and should last for many years. Same-day crowns and traditional crowns don’t differ in terms of quality or reliability. It’s a matter of time. It’s the difference between a same-day process versus waiting 3-4 weeks.

With a properly equipped cosmetic dental office in Houston, TX, you don’t have to wait a month for your dental crown. Contact the dental experts at Made Ya Smile to learn more about same-day crowns.

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