The Critical Reasons Why You Shouldn't Procrastinate Your Biannual Cleaning

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Even when you take care of your teeth and gums and have good oral health, it’s vital to have regular dental check-ups and twice-yearly cleanings. At Made Ya Smile, we locate signs of tooth decay and gum disease at your appointment. If these signs are identified in the beginning stages, they can typically be taken care of quickly. However, when more severe conditions aren't identified, these might lead to worrisome complications, like gum recession.

Professional teeth cleanings give our Houston, TX staff the chance to remove buildup and tartar, as well as polish your enamel for a more radiant smile. Let us help you and your loved ones preserve your oral wellness with family dental care. The American Dental Association advises children, adolescents, and adults to have their teeth cleaned at least two times annually. For individuals with rescinding or current periodontal disease or those who wear braces, more frequent cleanings are necessary.

What happens during a dental cleaning?

During your initial exam at Made Ya Smile, we will first examine your teeth and gums. From there, we will take an x-ray to detect whatever issues we might not observe with the naked eye. If we locate any issues, we will craft a unique treatment plan for you. Cavities are commonly fixed before your teeth cleaning. However, other more extensive treatments may require a second visit to our Houston, TX dental practice. During your dental cleaning, we will get rid of any bacteria on the teeth utilizing precise dental tools. After your teeth and gums are free of buildup, your enamel is polished to get rid of any discoloration. Our trained hygienists will give advice to our patients regarding the ways to effectively take care of their teeth in between visits.

Don't skip your dental cleaning

At Made Ya Smile, we believe there are countless reasons why you shouldn't cancel a twice-yearly dental cleaning, such as:

  • Preventing cavities: Having your teeth cleaned twice a year lets our team detect tooth decay soon. If you put off seeing a dentist for a prolonged amount of time, this bacteria will spread throughout the tooth, and we might not be able to preserve it. This instance will require a restoration.
  • Taking care of gum disease in the early stages: When gum disease is not treated, it might cause receding gums, bone deterioration, and missing teeth. If you notice swollen or bleeding gum tissues, call for a visit at our Houston, TX office for gum disease treatment.
  • Preserving the beauty of your smile: Professional cleanings allow your teeth to stay as white as possible. At your visit, we polish your teeth to make them look bright.
  • Fresh breath: Regular cleanings keep foul breath at bay because they remove bacteria, which could be the biggest reason for persistent bad breath.
  • Receiving an oral cancer screening: During your appointment, our team will examine your oral structures (such as the tongue, mouth, lips, or lymph nodes) to locate signs of cancer. If detected immediately, oral cancer can be taken care of effectively.
  • Maintain your health: Your oral health can directly influence your complete health. Progressive gum disease can also cause cardiovascular issues. Proper dental care has been shown to lower your risk of stroke.
  • Spending less money on oral care: If you take care of oral wellness complications soon, they can be treated using low-maintenance techniques. However, when you procrastinate on receiving care, you may require more costly and invasive procedures.

Set up a professional cleaning to preserve your oral wellness today

Help your smile be as healthy as can be when you have biannual dental cleanings at Made Ya Smile. Our welcoming facility in Houston, TX offers preventive care to help with tooth decay prevention and minimize your chances of developing gum disease.

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