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To children, losing a tooth is a delightful rite of passage that carries the promise of a visit from the tooth fairy. As adults, however, a missing tooth has another sort of implication, and it can potentially be a health issue for numerous patients. There are many reasons why individuals encounter tooth loss or may become a candidate for a tooth extraction over the course of their lives. These complications can consist of situations such as irreparable decay, a dental injury, or teeth that are fully or partially impacted. 

The dental experts at Made Ya Smile always strive to help patients keep their natural teeth. However, in the event that certain teeth cannot be repaired or saved, tooth removal might be the optimal treatment option for your health. Our dentists encourage you to take a minute to find out about the various conditions that lead to tooth removal in Houston, TX individuals, the recovery process, and the reason visiting a dental practitioner who puts your comfort and care above everything else could make a significant impact in your overall outcome. 


A tooth extraction is a routine dental treatment that could be necessary to elevate your general wellness as well as your overall comfort. Some of the most prevalent reasons for extracting a tooth are:  

  • Advanced dental cavities 
  • Worn-out teeth 
  • Crumbling or broken teeth 
  • Teeth that are impacted 
  • Extensive bone loss 
  • Advanced periodontitis 
  • Infected or abscessed teeth 
  • Baby teeth that don't fall out on their own 
  • Orthodontic treatment 
  • Wisdom teeth conditions 
  • Overcrowding in the dental arch 
  • Trauma or injuries 

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, commonly need to be pulled to enhance dental health. In a number of instances, these teeth do not have ideal space in the mouth to grow in or may be stuck in the jaw. The third molars may also contribute to teeth becoming crowded, interfere with the health of adjacent teeth, or increase the threat of gingivitis and dental decay. 


Tooth removal procedures have dramatically improved and have become more efficient throughout the years, allowing it to be easier and more comfortable than ever before. Your teeth may be removed through a simple tooth extraction treatment, which is utilized for teeth that have emerged above the gumline. A surgical tooth extraction process is employed for teeth that are impacted or teeth that have to be sectioned into pieces so they may be extracted from the mouth. To perform a tooth removal treatment at Made Ya Smile, our caring dentists will desensitize the jaw with local anesthesia or may suggest other sedation dentistry services to help you experience further comfort. After your tooth has been taken out of your mouth, special stitches might be used to close the extraction site and initiate the natural healing process. 

Following your tooth removal, it is critical to stick to the post-treatment instructions as explained by our Houston, TX dental team. These recommendations often encompass taking prescription antibiotics and/or pain analgesics, and consuming a liquid or soft food diet for several days. Our team may also suggest you keep from using a straw, smoking, or spitting to maintain the treatment area as you begin to heal. If the pulling of teeth is required to preserve your dental functional abilities, our doctors can explain tooth replacement solutions to ensure your oral health and the cosmetic look of your smile. 


If a tooth extraction is the recommended path to elevate your wellness, our team is always ready to offer optimal treatments for your needs. The skilled dental professionals at Made Ya Smile have extensive experience in providing simple and surgical extractions for teeth that have severe cavities, are broken beyond repair, are trapped in the bone or gums, or cannot be restored. If you believe that you or a loved one may need to have a tooth extracted, we welcome you to schedule a tooth removal appointment at our Houston, TX office to hear about your options for care. Our dental staff looks forward to helping you keep your smile healthy, vibrant, and beautiful!

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