Pros and Cons of Brushing With Charcoal Toothpaste

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Remember when charcoal was something that got the barbecue started? Today, charcoal is used in face masks and supplements. There’s even such a thing as charcoal coffee latte. Now, people have started using charcoal to get cleaner and brighter teeth. But is brushing with charcoal a good idea? Many offices that offer family dentistry in Houston, TX, are getting asked this question. So, are there any benefits to this trend or is it a recipe for higher dental bills?

Charcoal as a Tooth Cleanser

The main reason that charcoal is praised among its die-hard users is that it’s thought to brighten teeth. The activated ingredients in charcoal do remove stains, but it doesn’t penetrate deep into the tooth. Therefore, it’s only removing surface stains. In the long run, it doesn’t do much more than a good whitening toothpaste. Also, if you continue to drink red wine, consume coffee, and engage in other habits that stain teeth, you’ll be dealing with those same stains again.

Another concern that many in family dentistry have is that charcoal is abrasive. Using abrasive products on teeth breaks down enamel. The enamel is what protects the tooth and also gives teeth their white appearance. Once the enamel is gone, you’ll need general cosmetic dentistry in Houston, TX, to fix this problem.

Whitening Options Besides Charcoal

It goes without saying that in America white teeth are something many people will do anything for, even coating their pearly whites with a layer of black charcoal. However, there are better options. For example, general cosmetic dentistry offers patients safer, more effective options to get that bright smile. From in-office whitening procedures to take-home whitening kits, there are many ways to achieve a brighter smile without putting your enamel at risk.


Some people use charcoal on their teeth not for whitening purposes, but for detoxifying benefits. Detoxifying is another term that’s big these days, but can you really detoxify the mouth? Yes, the mouth contains bacteria, but detoxification happens in the liver and kidneys, not in the gums. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely that any real detoxifying is being done when you brush with charcoal.

Want to get a cleaner mouth? Visit your general dentistry center in Houston, TX, for regular cleanings. Bi-annual dental visits get rid of excess tartar, check for problems with teeth and gums, and keep your oral health in check.

Children and Charcoal

While adults are welcome to experiment with new products like charcoal tooth paste, dentists warn against using these products on children. If you have children and are concerned about chemicals in toothpastes, check with an office that offers family dentistry in Houston, TX, for all-natural dental solutions. Children’s teeth are delicate and require special care. Using charcoal or any other trendy products could cause damage that’s painful and expensive to fix.

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