Preventing Tooth Decay With Fluoride: An Insight

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Tooth decay is something that everyone should be concerned about. It’s more common than you might think, and is far more dangerous, too. A poor diet high in sugary or acidic foods combined with poor oral care habits can cause teeth to decay, and eventually fall out. Decayed teeth can also lead to secondary health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure. It’s important to remember that your teeth may be evaluated by a distinct specialist, but they’re still a part of your body, so having a healthy mouth is part of having a healthy body.

There are some vital ways that you can prevent tooth decay. Eat a low-sugar diet, brush your teeth after meals, floss daily, and use an approved oral rinse regularly. These are the tips that any good family dentist would recommend.

But there’s another important factor that you should work into your oral care routine: using fluoride toothpaste. Family dentists in Houston, Texas strongly recommend the use of fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day.

Fluoride in Drinking Water

The presence of fluoride in public water supplies may be a source of debate or even suspicion. The truth is that fluoride is very beneficial, especially to children. Scientists found that children who regularly drank water that contained fluoride had fewer cavities than children who did not.

How can this be? Fluoride is an important ingredient in your tooth’s enamel, or the protective layer that lines all of your teeth. Believe it or not, your tooth enamel is actually the strongest substance in your body. Teeth with healthy enamel are less likely to suffer from decay, or destruction of the tooth’s outer layer or inner layers due to bacteria.

When young children consume fluoride, the body absorbs it and uses it to form new teeth. Fluoride is integrated into the tooth’s structure for improved cavity and decay prevention.

The Importance of Fluoride Toothpaste

This is why your family dentist recommends that you use fluoride toothpaste daily. Studies have shown that fluoride continues to strengthen the enamel long into adulthood, preventing your chances of experiencing tooth decay. In fact, many dentists or hygienists at your family dental office give you a fluoride treatment in the form of gel, varnish, or rinse as part of your regular cleaning.

While there are some natural, plant-based alternatives to fluoride toothpaste on the market today — products that are part of a natural health craze — it’s important to realize that fluoride toothpaste is good for you. With everyday use of fluoride toothpaste, your body naturally processes the fluoride to reinforce your enamel and prevent decay for healthy, strong teeth.

For more information on practicing good oral health, and to have your teeth examined for decay, visit Made Ya Smile, your local source of family dental care in Houston, Texas.

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