Longevity of Bridges: How Many Years Do Custom Bridges Last?

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An estimated 69% of adults between ages 35 – 44 are missing at least one tooth due to different reasons, including trauma or improper dental health. This figure represents more than 178 million adults who have lost one tooth, according to data from the ACP (American College of Prosthodontists). If you’re in the statistic of people missing at least a single tooth, it’s crucial that you contact our team today. A missing tooth might lead to additional problems in the mouth, leading to tooth decay and increasing the chances of further extractions. Don't delay; contact our knowledgeable dental staff in Houston, TX today! We also ask you to call for a consultation at Made Ya Smile.

What are dental bridges?

Receiving a dental bridge calls for a couple of visits. A tooth impression will create a reference for the ideal placement of your bridge. You might be issued a stand-in bridge to monitor the fit and ensure that your final restoration will fit comfortably and match your teeth. When your permanent bridge is finished, our professionals will place it in its ideal position.

How long will your bridge last?

With your brand new restoration, you'll experience a nearly sudden improvement in both appearance and durability. An additional visit could be scheduled to fix the fit and guarantee an ideal placement. Our talented dental team will provide instructions for the best care, including cleaning around and underneath the bridge. Even though its longevity varies based on multiple factors, with adequate care and routine exams, it may last longer than ten years.

Arrange a visit when you can

If you find yourself holding back because of pre-existing anxiety, rest assured that getting a dental bridge is an altogether common service, and updated developments have made it safer than in the past. Alternatively, if you’re putting off this treatment because one missing tooth may not have an impact on you, know that this problem might evolve into a much more serious condition. Losing a tooth prompts other nearby teeth to migrate inward to seal the spaces and leading to spacing troubles throughout your mouth, which can bring on TMJ pain, biting difficulties, and a crooked alignment and smile.

Enjoy a beautiful, new smile

There's no need to experience the discomfort and confidence-draining effects that come from losing a tooth, particularly if you have any chances of further damage to your oral structures. We’d be thrilled to help patients find the right fix for them and improve any issues involving your teeth and bite alignment. Contact our team today at Made Ya Smile, or visit our practice in Houston, TX!

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