Signs to Understand When a Damaged Filling is High-Stakes

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Fixing a damaged dental filling is definitely not enjoyable. If a tooth filling becomes dislodged, it's not typically considered a dire emergency. But it's important to see a dental professional as soon as possible since the cavity could occur in the area that was beneath the filling, resulting in an oral issue.

Broken teeth and other oral conditions that are left untreated may negatively impact an individual's overall dental wellness. At Made Ya Smile, our professional dentists will help alleviate your discomfort at our welcoming dental facility in Houston, TX. Keep reading to discover more regarding the right time to acquire urgent dental care for a broken tooth filling.

Ways to know when you're having a dental emergency

Often, a dental emergency can be thought of as any case that comprises facial bone injury, uncontrollable bleeding, and other issues. Dire dental care issues need prompt care. Below are several typical dental emergencies:

  • An infected tooth
  • An injured jawline
  • Fracture to the gum tissues
  • Loose tooth or restoration
  • Broken filling

What are tooth-colored fillings?

Fillings are used to restore tooth material worn down by cavities. To take care of tooth decay, our Houston, TX dentists will eliminate the damaged region of the tooth and protect the hole with a filling. Tooth fillings might also be used to address fractured teeth, even teeth that have been worn down by grinding or other habits. Once we eliminate the decay and cleanse the area, the tooth filling material will be placed. When the multi-layering process is finished, our dentists will remove any unwanted resin and polish the restoration.

Get in touch with our Houston, TX professionals if you think you have a dental emergency

Oral fillings are incredibly reliable and meant to last a long time, but this isn't always the case. In fact, it's not unusual for a filling to come loose due to use. In the event that you're experiencing this common oral complication, you should get help immediately. When you ignore it, it might result in additional complications. The exact same germs that resulted in your cavity might seep into the opening left by cracked filling, causing more serious erosion within your tooth. It's impossible to fix a cracked tooth filling on your own. Even still, you could always utilize several things at home to lessen any discomfort prior to acquiring professional help.

At Made Ya Smile, our dental professionals make time throughout some days for emergencies, like broken fillings. Even when our practice is not open, calmly follow our tips to determine what you can do for emergency dental treatment. If you have a dental complication or fractured tooth-colored filling, get in touch with our staff in Houston, TX for help.

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