Interesting Facts About Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic dental procedures can give you a more neat, approachable smile after years or even an entire lifetime of dental flaws, like missing teeth or unusually shaped teeth. If you visit a dentist for cosmetic dental implants in Houston, TX, you’ll find a number of different procedure options available to you, including crowns, bridges, veneers, and more.

You might think of cosmetic dentistry as a new trade, but there are some exciting things that you should learn about the practice of improving the smile. For instance, did you know that these cosmetic procedures have been around for thousands of years? Read on to learn the fascinating details you need to know.

It’s an Ancient Practice

The cosmetic dentist isn’t a new profession. In fact, evidence has shown that cosmetic dental procedures have existed since the ancient Romans used ivory and bone dentures to replace missing teeth. The Etruscan people of the Roman Empire began this practice around 700 BC. They even found methods for molding real gold into filings.

Sodas Keep the Cosmetic Dentist in Business

One of the most common beverages on earth, sodas are actually among the most dangerous for your teeth. Most dentists recognize sodas and other carbonated beverages as the top causes of tooth decay and discoloration. Permanent dentures and other cosmetic procedures can repair damage due to regular soda consumption.

Veneers Protect Enamel

Many people think that veneers are brand new sets of false teeth, but they’re actually ceramic caps that are placed on the existing tooth. Veneers don’t just make your teeth look better, they protect the vulnerable enamel on your teeth. You can place veneers on a single tooth or even cap several teeth with these protecting ceramic implants.

Whitening Is Surprisingly Effective

Teeth whitening may seem too good to be true. While this is the case for some products, like home whitening strips and paints, a professional whitening session at a dentist can make your teeth up to 10 shades whiter. A cosmetic dentist will use a laser whitening treatment to eliminate stains and restore your teeth to a whiter, cleaner, and more appealing color.

Dental Bridges Replace Teeth

Bridges are dental implants that can replace multiple teeth at once. If you’re looking for a permanent solution to tooth loss, or need to have teeth removed due to extreme decay, you should visit a dentist to learn more about dental bridges, some of the most beneficial cosmetic dental implants in Houston, TX. Bridges are permanent implants that are fashioned to resemble the surrounding teeth, giving your mouth the appearance of a clean, fresh smile. This simple dental procedure can improve your confidence and even protect your gums and jaw tissue from deterioration, a common side effect of tooth loss.

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