How To Know If You Need Same-Day Emergency Dental Care

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No one in Houston wants to think about emergency dental care, but it’s a concern that can occur at any point. Our dentists at Made Ya Smile of Houston TX want you to understand how you can tell you will need same-day emergency dental care for various reasons. Here are a few of the most common signs that suggest you will need immediate care for your dental emergency.

Noticeable pain in your teeth that won’t go away

Tooth pain can occur for many reasons, from biting down on something too hard to extremely hot or cold temperatures. In most cases, this type of tooth pain is only temporary and will resolve on its own. Any situation where your pain isn’t going away might be a sign of an infection, a break in a tooth, or something more serious. If this is the case, it’s important to get the problem evaluated as soon as possible to prevent further damage. You’ll need to contact our skilled dentists who can conduct a few digital x-rays of your teeth and gums to see what the underlying problem is and find a suitable treatment.

A crack, break, or knocked-out tooth

Your tooth could break, crack, or be completely knocked out due to an injury or anything else where the tooth experiences excess pressure. You’ll need to collect any pieces of your tooth that might have fallen out and preserve them in milk or your saliva and then visit us at Made Ya Smile for same-day emergency dental care. We can help restore or replace your tooth and prevent further loss.

Noticeable swelling

Swelling is an emergency that suggests there’s an infection in your mouth. The swelling in your gums or face could come from an infection in a tooth that might spread to other teeth. Sometimes the infected tissue might enter your bloodstream and harm other parts of your body.

Loose dental appliances

It is usually a sign that you’ll require emergency dental care if you have a loose or broken crown, bridge, or filling. You can contact us to review your dental work and fix whatever problem you may have with any dental appliances that appear to be defective and to prevent this issue from affecting your teeth and gums.

Unexplained bleeding in your mouth

You may also experience bleeding in your mouth, particularly when you brush or floss. While a small bit of bleeding can occur when brushing or flossing, excess bleeding can be a sign of gum disease. The bleeding could also suggest a cut in your gums or a tooth possibly becoming loose. You’ll require immediate help to control the bleeding and correct whatever issue has triggered the issue. Proper care is necessary to prevent bacteria and other items from entering the bloodstream and possibly harming other parts of your body.

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