How Often Should You Visit The Dentist?

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Culture is in a constant state of flux, shifting as people’s perspectives and desires do. Medicine makes great leaps and bounds in shockingly small amounts of time, changing the way we think about and take care of our bodies. Astoundingly, the now commonplace practice of preventative dental care, didn’t exist a mere five decades ago.

Ask anyone on the street the question, “How often should you go see your dentist?”, and they’ll likely answer with the centrally known response, twice a year. However, this mainstream solution originated from an educated guess prevention plan by dental and health organizations. Much like any other system, there really is no one-plan-fits-all.

Schedule an appointment at a general dentist in Houston, TX, to discuss your individualized needs.

Dental History

Just like your primary doctor, your dentist needs to know the history of your teeth. Come prepared to share what you know about your direct dental history, and any issues your first-generational family experienced. Include self-induced diseases, such as those caused by consistent tobacco use.

Early Diagnosis

One of the many benefits of a comprehensive dental history is to identify if anyone in your family has had mouth cancer. Similar to other cancers, early detection and treatment is key. Your general dentist in Houston, TX, will test often to increase the chances of you remaining cancer-free.

Strong vs. Weak Teeth

Many people believe that the strength of your teeth is a genetic marker which travels through families. The concept of soft teeth is a myth. No tooth breaks through the gum line more, or less, inclined to develop a cavity. Tooth decay, known in dental circles as “dental caries,” is categorized as an infectious disease. And, like most other in its category, it’s preventable.

Prevailing Medical Conditions

You may attend to dental care daily, yet if you have or do any of the following, twice a year may not be enough to prevent disease.

  • If you currently smoke, or have smoked in the past
  • If you dip tobacco, or if you’ve ever dipped
  • If you are in any stage of pregnancy
  • If you have any type of diabetes
  • If you currently have, or are recovering from gum disease
  • If you have a weak immune system due to bacterial or autoimmune infections
  • If regardless of your hygiene practices, you always seem to have plaque build up and/or cavities

Go over your habits and predilections with the best general dentist in Houston, TX. Together you make a treatment plan.

Effects of Habits

The overall health of your mouth is directly correlated to your ingestible habits. This is irrefutable. If you practice a consistent daily oral health care regimen, and don’t have prevailing medical conditions, visiting the dentist twice a year should be enough to maintain prevention.

Visit general dental care in Houston, TX, to determine your dental profile. Use home prevention, and visit the office at least twice a year for a healthy mouth.

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