How Frequently Should You Get a Professional Cleaning?

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Maintaining your oral wellness doesn’t just mean keeping up a proper personal dental hygiene routine. It is recommended that you also set up an annual oral health evaluation and biannual oral cleanings at Made Ya Smile to lessen the possibility of getting dental caries and periodontal disease. When you come for a dental visit at our Houston, TX practice, our general dentist will eliminate buildup and food pieces still in your mouth, which can diminish your possibility of getting dental wellness problems. Going to the dentist's office for a teeth cleaning is among the top methods to take care of your mouth. We encourage individuals to get their dental cleaning no less than twice a year. For patients with periodontal disease or other dental health problems, more frequent routine teeth cleanings are required.

What can I expect during a dental cleaning at the dentist's office?

During a teeth cleaning at Made Ya Smile, our dentist will create a treatment program for each individual. This means that we will pay attention to your dental health and treat any issues throughout your dental cleaning. We provide preventive oral treatments that help decrease the need for serious and costly procedures later on. Dental cleanings from our Houston, TX dental professionals are in-depth and incorporate several aspects:

  1. Medical overview: Your dental practitioner will find out about your overall wellness, any medications or supplements you take, and any previous dental health problems or surgeries.

  2. Oral exam and dental imaging: We usually perform an oral examination one time per year (every other teeth cleaning). These exams enable our dental professionals to examine your teeth, jaw, and bite. We perform digital dental x-rays that give us a closer picture of hidden problems in places that we can't observe, such as any jaw problems, broken restorations, or deep tooth decay. We also carry out an oral cancer screening to detect any potential precancerous or cancerous growths, tumors, or lesions in the soft tissues in and outside of the mouth.

  3. Gum disease prevention: When you have a dental cleaning, we remove plaque and buildup, both of which invite bacteria to breed and trigger acids inside the mouth that could harm your gums and teeth. Our professional hygienist scales these materials to help minimize your possibility of gum conditions.

  4. Oral disease evaluation: We explore for signs of gum disease, and record gum readings of the spaces between the teeth and gum tissues. This process allows us to identify any possible gum problems and, if so, establish treatment as soon as possible before it worsens and progresses to later stages. We also utilize these recordings to check your gums at your next oral cleaning to see if your gum health is getting better or worsening.

Does dental cleaning hurt?

Your dental cleaning shouldn't hurt. Although, in the event of tooth decay, gum inflammation, or other periodontal condition signs, there may be extra dental discomfort during a teeth cleaning. Let the hygienist know if you’re experiencing discomfort, as we have a medicated gel or prescription rinse that will allow you feel more calm when you have this preventive oral treatment.

Set up consistent teeth cleanings and assessments to preserve or strengthen your dental wellness

Supporting your smile with routine oral evaluations and biannual dental cleanings are ideal methods to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible. At Made Ya Smile, we strive to help our patients strengthen their oral health in Houston, TX. To book your teeth cleaning, contact our facility today.

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