Having A Wisdom Tooth Extraction May Be The Best Way To Stop Oral Pain

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wisdom tooth extraction

Routinely performed for patients in Houston, TX, wisdom tooth (or third molar) removal is necessary for several reasons. These teeth commonly erupt from the gumline throughout the adolescent years. Once we have completed a thorough dental examination at Made Ya Smile, our talented staff can decide if you should have your wisdom teeth extracted.

Several problems might lead to the demand for wisdom tooth removal. A few of these concerns consist of: impacted teeth, decay, periodontal disease, or wisdom teeth emerging at the wrong angle. Typically, a wisdom tooth that doesn’t have enough surface area to emerge will lead to impaction. This might result in discomfort, infection, and other dental wellness issues, while raising your odds of developing an infection. In severe instances, a bump could form by unerupted wisdom teeth, causing injury to the bone or nerves.

When third molars emerge at a bad angle, this may lead to them pressing on neighboring teeth and moving them away from their usual placements. This will damage nearby teeth and jaw and lead to bite abnormalities. Additionally, our jaw doesn't often have the area for the teeth. Whether it will stop future dental wellness issues, require immediate wisdom tooth removal, or in the event that you simply need to lessen the pain you’re currently suffering from, wisdom tooth removal is a common procedure that our talented team frequently provides for local individuals.

Our professional team at Made Ya Smile can perform wisdom tooth removal treatment here at our facility. Depending on your dental wellness, you might only get a local anesthetic for your surgery; meanwhile, individuals who might have more than one wisdom tooth extracted during the same appointment might have general anesthesia. As soon as you're numb, the tissues at the extraction area are separated. In the case that bone is preventing access to the tooth roots, this is taken away. If the tooth is highly impacted, it could be separated into pieces so it’s easier to remove. The site is carefully cleaned of lingering infectious tissue. As soon as the wisdom tooth removal is finished, the opening is stitched. Gauze is applied over the extraction site to limit bleeding and foster recovery.

Oftentimes, individuals might experience a small amount of bleeding at the removal area. This may be avoided by delicately chewing on gauze pads. Healing following wisdom tooth removal can take roughly, depending on your situation, a handful of days to many weeks. Swelling may be eased by holding an ice pack to the cheek. Following the first day, you could start to introduce warming relief options to increase your comfort.

Throughout the first 24 hours after your surgery, it’s crucial to not disrupt any blood clots that may form. Clots form in the places that the teeth were pulled, and they are a critical part of the recovery stages, seeing that they put an end to excessive bleeding, protect the area from disease and vulnerable bones, and let new tissue form efficiently. Resist oral rinses, brushing next to the removal region, drinking hot liquids, consuming foods that demand any using the teeth, sucking on straws, and smoking for no less than 24 hours.

Contact us to find out more about your treatment options if tooth pain is hindering your dental health. Our dental care providers at Made Ya Smile can help to find out if you need your wisdom teeth removed. Our team uses diagnostic devices and techniques to determine the cause of your dental pain. Elevate the appearance of your teeth and quality of your oral health when you set up an appointment at our Houston, TX facility.

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