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Not everyone in the Greater Houston area is comfortable with the idea of an in-office teeth whitening treatment. But they won’t want to use OTC whitening products that aren’t as effective. That’s where an at-home teeth whitening treatment from dentists like ours at Made Ya Smile Dental of Houston, TX can help.

Our home teeth whitening system provides a professional approach you can use on your own. Our take-home whitening materials can help you achieve the beautiful white smile you deserve.

How does a home teeth whitening system work?

Our home teeth whitening setup at Made Ya Smile uses a few steps to work. We can start by cleaning your teeth and then examining them to see how you can benefit from a whitening procedure. We will need to clean your teeth to reveal the general color of your teeth to see how much help you require.

We’ll then prepare whitening trays that will fit over your teeth. Our experts can complete an impression of your teeth to see how well these trays can fit. The goal is to create trays that will fit over your teeth and will not slip out. The trays will allow the whitening gel to stick to your teeth while avoiding contact with your gums. The gel will be around the teeth long enough to help release the peroxide compound that helps remove old stains.

We can then prepare a prescription-strength whitening compound that will work in your whitening trays. The strength of the whitening agent will vary over your current enamel shade and your treatment goals.

You’ll receive instructions on when and how to apply the whitening agent in your dental trays, plus details on when and how to wear those trays. You’ll also need to clean those trays after each application. Our dentists at Made Ya Smile Dental of Houston, TX can teach you all the necessary steps for how to manage the teeth whitening process.

How long will the teeth whitening process last?

The process for using our at-home teeth whitening system will vary by situation. You could spend a few months using the whitening setup to get whiter teeth, although it won’t take long when you use the system as directed. Be sure to keep using it as often as we request, and make sure you clean the trays after each use for the best results. You can order more prescription whitening material from us when necessary.

Our approach to at-home whitening won’t take as long as other OTC products. Many OTC items can take much longer to work, plus the compounds are weak to where they won’t be as effective. Our more durable and effective compounds will be easier for you to use than any OTC product today.

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At-home teeth whitening is more effective than you expect when you visit us at Made Ya Smile Dental of Houston, TX for help. Our team approach provides a one-stop shop for all your dental needs. We use the latest and most advanced dental technology on the market, plus we have solutions for every family member. We have locations throughout the entire Greater Houston area, so visit us online to find your nearest location and to schedule a visit for support.

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