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A qualified family oral care professional needs to offer a wide range of services, both diagnostic and restorative, to ensure you and your kids have lasting oral health, and our team at Made Ya Smile is eager to achieve exactly that. We’re dedicated to supplying attentive, high-quality care to assure your loved ones' well-being and happiness. Our comprehensive practice proudly performs a wide variety of treatments to the residents of Houston, TX!

Our dental professionals are happy to provide diverse treatment options

Immediate identification is important to prevent potential oral conditions. Our team assesses each area of dental health, carefully examining teeth, gum tissues, and jaws. Our team also performs oral pathology screenings to identify any irregularities in the salivary glands, cheeks, roof or floor of the mouth, throat, and under the chin or neck. And we evaluate the condition of the joints in and around the mouth, like the jaw joints, which have to be in tip-top condition to create a comfortable bite and reduce eating or talking difficulties.

We offer cutting-edge imaging techniques and technology

Utilizing a combination of medical-grade diagnostic devices and approaches, our dental staff is able to receive a clear view of your teeth and gum tissues. Digital imaging can help our team evaluate oral structures and learn if everything is developing without issue. With top-of-the-line devices, our team can expertly map your mouth without resorting to any uncomfortable, goopy impressions.

Professional dental cleanings and necessary services to ward off potential issues

Although you adopt effective brushing techniques in your day to day life, it’s recommended that you schedule no less than two in-office dental cleanings each year. We also recommend this because pesky bacteria will begin to colonize areas of your mouth, especially in the tough-to-reach spots, such as between the teeth. Our professional dental cleaning treatments require the best, most contemporary dental instruments (including plaque-eliminating ultrasound devices) to carefully eradicate buildup. These instruments also remove bacteria that bring about infection, bleeding, and gum disease that can steadily harm your gums.

Our full-service services offer great care for your entire family

Your general dental professional should provide efficient, personalized treatment options for people at each age range. At Made Ya Smile, our dental practitioners offer exemplary care for your young ones thanks to pediatric treatments designed specifically to care for the various oral care requirements of children. Our practice also performs procedures for age-based issues at the other end of the spectrum. In addition, it is essential to remember that having excellent oral hygiene might decrease the odds of a number of potentially serious illnesses that could occur with age. Oral abscesses and diseases, such as gum disease, are connected to several health issues, like type 2 diabetes, heart problems, lung issues, and even some forms of brain diseases, including Alzheimer's.

Enjoy the best general dental care in Houston, TX

At Made Ya Smile, our dentists combine clinical know-how with the latest, most effective dental technologies and methods to offer exceptional, unfailing care for your whole family. Call us today to discover more information or to set up a visit.

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