Why Dental Implants Can Cause Bad Breath

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Dental implants use metal posts or frames to surgically position artificial teeth into your jawbone. Because they fuse to your jawbone, they become virtually a permanent and secure part of mouth. Unlike dentures and bridges, implants stay in place so you don’t have to worry about your teeth moving as you eat or speak.

Implants feel more natural than dentures, and a professional cosmetic dentist in Houston, TX, can ensure smile perfection. However, there’s a potential downside to dental implants. They can cause bad breath. The good news is bad breath caused by dental implants is fixable!

In most instances, bad breath in people with dental implants is caused by an infection. But sometimes, the signs of the infection can be subtle. The signs can be as subtle as a bad taste in your mouth, bleeding gums, or gum swelling.


Thanks to advances in cosmetic dentistry, implants themselves are almost never the cause of dental implant infection. Instead, infection is caused by human use error. Those with implants don’t get a pass on dental hygiene. Dental implants still require regular brushing, flossing, and cleanings to prevent bacteria from building up near an implant — or elsewhere in your mouth, for that matter! When left untreated, an infection along the gum line of a dental implant can lead to bone loss, which could result in a loose implant or it falling out.

Keys To Preventing Infection

  • Breath
  • Brush twice daily
  • Floss once Daily
  • Visit the dentist every six months for regular cleanings

Prevention is key! Dental experts recommend those with dental implants brush at least twice per day, and floss at least one. They also recommend taking extra care of your dental implants by being careful to ensure you’re cleaning the difficult-to-reach areas around your implant. That may mean using an interdental brush to clean around your implant. Experts also recommend that you stop smoking before or shortly after you get cosmetic dental implants in Houston, TX. Limit or totally eliminate chewing hard items like ice or hard candy. These can break the crown over your implant. Finally, don’t forget to check in with your dentist every six months for a cleaning.

In addition to preventing an infection, which can cause bad breath, these prevention tips also help eliminate bad breath caused by things other than infection.


Treating a dental implant infection is fairly simple, especially if the infection is detected early. Again, that’s where regular dental cleanings can help. When caught early, treating the infection is often as simple as a good cleaning and an antibiotic. If you wait too long and the infection becomes severe, removing the infection may require surgery and/or the removal of the dental implant.

Dental implants can create or maintain a winning smile, but just like the teeth you were born with, they require a little bit of care. You’ll still need to brush, floss, and schedule regular cleanings every six months to ensure your new smile stays fresh and healthy.

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