Could a Fractured Tooth Be Treated As an Oral Emergency?

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In a situation where you’re enduring a dental emergency, including a chipped tooth, it’s crucial to pursue emergency dental care at Made Ya Smile in Houston, TX soon. Our team's urgent care dentists assist patients of all ages with various dental problems. It’s crucial not to procrastinate with respect to receiving dental assistance given by an emergency dentist, particularly in the COVID-19 pandemic. A medical issue such as this may possibly lead to contamination, sharp irritation, or the need for more invasive dental operations, including a tooth removal. If you are facing pain caused by a fractured tooth, schedule a consultation with our facility right away.

What causes a chipped tooth?

A tooth could possibly break because of several issues, like:

  • Dealing with fillings that deteriorate the client's tooth thanks to their mass
  • Chewing or nibbling rigid items
  • Physical distress
  • Force from grinding the teeth
  • Aging

No matter the underlying cause behind why your tooth is cracked, our team's emergency dentists in Houston, TX can resolve your irritation and fix your tooth.

Investigating a fractured tooth

To allow us to diagnose a cracked tooth, an emergency dentist at Made Ya Smile will perform a visual test and feel for a crack. An oral stain may in some circumstances be applied to figure out if a fracture appears. Gingiva sensitivity in most cases could be a predominant demonstration of a damaged tooth. An x-ray might demonstrate deteriorating pulp condition, which indicates a damaged area.

With what approach will a dentist fix a damaged tooth?

Depending on your personal situation, our crisis care dentist may give you dental surgery or treat you with antibiotics immediately to stop an infection. When making decisions about your dental care, the operation used depends on the issues contributing to your chipped tooth. The procedures utilized to repair a fractured tooth include:

  • Medication
  • Porcelain fillings
  • Root canal treatment
  • Tooth extraction
  • Crowns

Does dental insurance help in an oral emergency?

At Made Ya Smile in Houston, TX, our office can communicate with your insurance provider to see if their organization might pay for your treatment. For clients without insurance, we take different means of payment and minimal interest financing possibilities so your oral treatment process is more affordable. Never wait on oral help due to the costs involved in a procedure, as it could result in more harmful dental healthcare issues in the future.

Find out additional information about clinical dental treatment for a fractured tooth

When you are undergoing a dental care emergency such as a cracked tooth, our crisis care dentist in Houston, TX can address your discomfort. We can manage your pain and heal all injuries to your teeth and gums. Rapid care is important for ensuring your oral health and preventing more dangerous struggles, so reaching out to our location quickly is recommended.

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