Common Dental Care Needs

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Although most people think of the dentist only when their teeth start hurting, there are a number of reasons to pay your local family dentistry in Houston, TX, a visit. In fact, those reasons may not be health related at all. You would be surprised with how many people come into the office simply because they want a better smile. Whether you’re looking for a good dentist to get rid of pain or want to turn those stained teeth into a bright white smile, you should be aware of the following procedures, and dentists who specialize in them, because a specialist will do a better job.

General Dental Needs

The most common cause for a visit to your local dentist is a filling. Damaging a tooth is easier than people think and can go unnoticed in many cases. In fact, it’s continuous bad habits that will usually eat the teeth away, such as biting your nails or eating too much sugar. Whether the damage is inflicted with trauma, or from a bad diet, if your teeth begin to hurt, you should visit a dentist immediately. Tooth pain usually means the center of your tooth, or tooth pulp, has been exposed and is at high risk of infection. You may be too late for a filling, and if the tooth pulp is beyond repair, you may need to have a root canal. Leaving this untreated could result in a more serious infection spreading to nearby areas. In severe cases, an extraction may be required, which is the complete removal of your tooth.

Cosmetic Dental Needs

Your teeth may be in perfect health but may need an appearance upgrade. Just one cracked tooth can ruin a beautiful smile. In this case, a dental crown, otherwise known as cap, could be the answer to all your problems. Dental crowns not only improve the appearance of damaged teeth, they also add reinforcement. In the unfortunate event that you lose a tooth, due to an extraction or even an accident, you may need a dental implant, or a bridge if several teeth are missing. Finally, one of the more common cosmetic procedures offered by your local family dentistry in Houston, TX, is teeth whitening. Your teeth can become stained for multiple reasons, many of which are hard to avoid if you like to enjoy life. This happens to be one of the most effective ways to turn stained teeth into a bright smile.

Taking Care of Your Teeth

The biggest issue with your teeth is that most problems develop slowly, and don’t become noticeable until a dental procedure is needed. Did you know that cavities are only dangerous when they turn black? They don’t start out that way, and if you visit your local family dentistry in Houston, TX, once in a while you could avoid the need for a filling or any sort of tooth repair. While a visit to the office may not seem like an exciting part of your day, neglecting to see your local dentist for too long might only make things worse.

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