Can You Come in for a Dental Exam While Pregnant?

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Though caring for your teeth and gums while pregnant might be the least important thing on your mind, it’s still critical to keep your best oral health. Our ambition at Made Ya Smile is to build strong relationships with patients and their loved ones while providing the most ideal care imaginable. During a checkup with one of our dentists, we can examine your enamel and gum tissues while looking for conditions such as cavities, oral cancer, and gum disease. Read more regarding our in-depth dental checkups by getting in touch with someone on our Houston, TX team for a consultation.

How does pregnancy affect my oral wellness?

Most women are surprised to find out that being pregnant will affect their enamel, gum tissues, and general dental health. Common oral concerns that can form while pregnant are:

  • Weakened enamel from vomiting
  • Periodontal disease
  • Cavities

Do I have to inform my dentist that I'm pregnant?

Made Ya Smile patients should show up every year for oral checkups and professional cleanings, particularly when with child. This is because plaque and inflammation near the gums can result in an abscess that encourages different severe health problems. When seeing one of our Houston, TX dentists, please bring up this information so our team can customize your dental evaluation:

  • Whatever prescription meds you may be taking
  • How far along you are
  • Problems such as redness, swelling, or bleeding while brushing the teeth

How safe are digital x-rays for pregnancy?

In accordance with the American Dental Association, people should not postpone dental treatment even when they’re pregnant. The most reliable way for a qualified dentist to make a correct diagnosis is using digital x-rays. Made Ya Smile takes all precautions to ensure your radiation exposure is as minimal as possible. Additionally, it's vital to address that regular dental x-rays generate less radiation when compared to various other circumstances, including going on an airplane.

Seeing the dental practitioner following childbirth

A person's enamel and gum tissues might experience further changes after giving birth. Mothers should come in for any subsequent oral appointments as scheduled by our staff. Whatever procedures that were discontinued because of your pregnancy may be continued so your teeth and gums can be in top condition. Keep in mind that your child also needs to have an oral examination as soon as their first tooth grows in!

Come in for a dental checkup

Most women don’t know that dental treatment while pregnant is a significant part of prenatal care. Our Houston, TX professionals will keep an eye on your dental care habits throughout your pregnancy and in the future. If you have inquiries regarding dental exams, x-rays, or being pregnant, get in touch with the staff at Made Ya Smile.

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