Bruxism Treatments and You

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Do you know what bruxism is? To be brief, it is an oral health disorder where there is an unconscious grinding of your tooth enamel. This usually occurs at night while you are asleep. In most cases, people may not know they have it until someone tells them of their jaw snapping or teeth grinding when they sleep. Do you wonder if you grind your teeth? Here are some interesting and important symptoms and risk factors to be aware of:

– Do you have sleep apnea? This may increase your risk for bruxism.

–One often overlooked symptom of bruxism is raw or sore gum tissue.

– Do you feel repeated muscle soreness in your jaw? You may have bruxism.

– Do you have a TMJ disorder? If so, your risk of bruxism is amplified.

– Bruxism can create dull or flat teeth, muscle soreness in the jaw, the jaw locking up, and an increase in tooth sensitivity.

If you believe you may be at risk for bruxism or you are experiencing the symptoms of bruxism, don’t panic. The good news is there is a solid solution! Come visit Dr. Michael Kesner and our team at our dentist office in Sugar Land, Texas. Just call Made Ya Smile Dental and we will gladly help you with whatever you need. After all, we are here to improve and preserve the health of your smile.



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