Arrange a Back-to-School Oral Exam for Your Kids

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Yearly exams are crucial for children since they tend to consume sweet foods and beverages and might not always practice good brushing techniques. More importantly, a back-to-school dental exam may help stop complications before they develop. The CDC shows that more than 50% of children aged 6 to 8 have had a cavity in their primary teeth. However, that rate is even higher for adolescents 12 – 19 years. By arranging a back-to-school exam, our talented team can pinpoint and take care of these problems before they could lead to damage. Get in touch with us at Made Ya Smile in Houston, TX before school starts.

Things our specialists can diagnose

Our compassionate, detail-oriented dentists will begin by discussing your kid's dental history and review any problems that could be resulting in discomfort. From there, they'll provide an in-depth evaluation for several forming tooth problems. We will then figure out the health of your gumline, as well as the possibility of periodontal disease. We might also evaluate the status of each tooth to detect any decay or structural problems like chips.

Our dental practitioners will also look through a comprehensive perspective, evaluating your teeth and gums to create ideal oral alignment, room between teeth, and ideal jaw and joint function. In addition, when required, we will take a series of detailed radiographs to find any potential issues in the hard-to-see areas between and near the roots of your teeth.

Reasons why it's vital to schedule a back-to-school dental cleaning

Enamel decay is one of the most popular oral issues for kids of all ages. When left ignored, it may indicate the start of more serious complications later on. Our dentists will assess the condition of your child's teeth to learn if your oral structures are progressing normally to generate a confidence-boosting smile and better spacing and jaw alignment. In addition, decay can form and progress fast and typically without causing some clear symptoms. Due to this, these yearly exams are necessary to limit discomfort, eating troubles, and talking issues later on. If you bring your little one to our practice for a back-to-school exam, our skilled dentists can also perform other worthwhile procedures, including a dental cleaning.

Don't dawdle, schedule a dental exam now and shake off the back-to-school rush

A well child or adolescent is more likely to feel more upbeat, more self-assured, more consistent with their schoolwork, and not as likely to miss school. To get a brighter future for your little ones, avoid the back-to-school rush and get in touch with us at Made Ya Smile in Houston, TX.

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