5 Ways a Prosthodontist Can Work for You

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If you have certain problems with the health or appearance of your teeth, you may be better served by a prosthodontist than a standard dentist. Here are the top 5 ways in which a prosthodontist can help people like you.

A prosthodontist is primarily responsible with implanting false teeth. If you’re missing teeth due to an accident, injury, or poor oral health, prosthetic teeth, crowns, or bridges may be necessary. A prosthodontist can even address the issues that are causing you to lose teeth, such as infected pulp. A prosthodontist will lead a treatment plan to help you save your existing teeth and replace the ones you’ve lost.

Did you know that the tissue of your jaw can degrade over time? A prosthodontist will help you improve your jaw health to save your teeth and protect your appearance. They can also treat TMJ disorder, which causes extreme jaw pain.

Losing teeth or jaw tissue, or having misshapen teeth can negatively affect your appearance, even when you aren’t smiling. Working with a prosthodontist can improve the appearance of your jaw and smile.

Finally, a prosthodontist can lead a team of dentists, surgeons, and other oral health professionals to develop a specialized treatment plan for you. A prosthodontist will create solutions for even the most difficult patients with advanced dental needs.

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